Exclusive Horror-on-Sea interview with ‘Locked’ director Niki Cornish

Movie Name: Cuts

Leader: Niki Cornish

Author: Niki Cornish

Artist: Wendy Morgan

Locked is a short film written and directed by Niki Cornish and filmed by blind artist, Ian Treherne. Played by Wendy Morgan, with a team of Niki’s special friends, this videotape of the classic video uses vivid song lyrics and illumination to entice the audience to hear the terrifying story of a vicious warrior revenge.

In another interview the lead of Martial Arts Horror Festival, I had the opportunity to ask author / director Niki Cornish a few questions about what to expect Cuts which will be played at Horror-on-Sea Sunday 23 January at 17: 30hrs..

Q. Your horror short video Cuts has been selected to play in Horror-on-Sea. Can you tell us what to expect from this movie?

A. Locked is a short noir horror film that explores the darkness and cruelty of humanity and condemnation with absolute love; written and directed by me, Niki Cornish and painted by a blind artist, Ian Treherne.

Actor Wendy Morgan, with a group of special friends, this videotape of this video uses vivid song lyrics and illumination to entice the audience to hear the terrifying story of the dangerous revenge of a fallen soldier.

Q. What were some of the factors that influenced you in writing Locked’s writings?

A. Locked was written during a time of global turmoil, a time when loneliness was a major issue in many people’s lives. Locked is amazing for his own story.

Q. What were some of the impressions of the film’s plot and style?

A. Working as an acclaimed Horror-on-Sea Film Festival artist for many years, I was inspired by the many independent films I watched, I thought it would be fun to combine film and film. The music is like a colorful party of black and white pictures followed by a lot of catchy music.

Q. Did you change anything from the preamble during the drawing?

Author / Editor Niki Cornish

A. Ha ha, yes, if you ask Ian he will tell you “they just did what they went “. I knew what I wanted to explain and getting there was a regular trip.

Q. What are your favorite moments during your filming?

A. All of them! The strikes were made suddenly and intensely. The love, devotion and pure talent of everyone involved manifests itself. This is my first ‘talkie’, made by a blind photographer who is deaf and I, the director, have two hearing aids that had its moments as you can imagine! Thank you MUA and the actors Debbie Lane for translation between the person in the camera and the director in case of need!

Q. Have you ever had any problems during the recording?

Taking a year from start to finish, during Lockdown there was no possibility of re-shooting, so each episode was shot in a very short time and took a few shots (except for the dungeons shot in the dark to make shooting difficult for the blind camera). The closure was possible because the actors, co-workers and musicians love everything they do and so on, having a deep knowledge of human communication, doing something in the most difficult times, which may seem impossible, possible.

Q. What makes Locked look like something different in a musical horror?

A. The hit is a slow-moving party featuring funny and annoying stuff! Being a closed natureguard Closed was made to slowly give up the airway with pictures shot in the walkway, clothing and equipment taken from attics, wardrobes and glass cabinets and to have a strong family – I managed to use my Dad’s bug !

Q. What do you expect people to take after watching this movie?

A. I’m sure if you look at Locked you will be whispering ‘I lied’ in my sleep!

Q. Do you have any other projects you are working on here?

A. I have been described as a person who ‘lives in the spirit of a rock-mass; forever looking for the next job with his camera in one hand and a well-dressed passport in the other ‘so yes, Ian and I have talked about another horror movie, we have an idea, let’s see how Locked receives and we will get out of there. !

Q. If someone is looking to write and direct their own film, what advice would you give?

A. Think outside the box, by directing a movie you can make anything happen! Do not compromise on your vision. Listen, consider what others may say and if it is not enough, follow what you know is right for your film. That said, keep the essential relationship of trust and respect with all the team members, without them your film would not have been possible and let’s face it, no one knows everything!

You can find out more about the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival on this website https://www.horror-on-sea.com/

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