Ex-England star blasted for wondering if spate of football player collapses is linked to Covid vaccine

Former England and Manchester City midfielder Trevor Sinclair has been criticized online for asking if the recent fall of a football player may have been linked to the Covid vaccine.

Sinclair has won 12 games in England and is remembered for 14 years in the Premier League which started at his closest club, Queens Park Rangers.

Now acting as an expert in his playing days, he spoke controversially on the popular UK radio station TalkSport.

On Tuesday, Scottish Sheffield United star John Fleck rushed to the hospital in shock over his side’s 1-0 win over Reading.

That evening, in the Champions League match against Real Madrid, Sheriff Tiraspol winner Adam Traore walked onto the pitch holding his chest and had to be assisted off the pitch by paramedics.

Elsewhere, Barcelona’s Sergio Aguero is expected to retire after a heart attack earlier this month, as Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen suffered a major setback during a summer match in Europe.

But although there has been no evidence that this was linked to the Covid vaccine, Sinclair appears to have provided the link.

“I think everyone wants to know if they received the Covid vaccine,” he said. the 48-year-old started on Fleck.

Later on Twitter, he added: “Anyone I talk to about these heart problems that football players face (which seems to happen frequently) are they connected to the Covid vaccine or not ??”.

Sinclair was heavily attacked by the comments.

“This is an inappropriate place to ask this question,” Sinclair was notified.

“You are asking for a conspiracy theories. Ask a doctor. Ask a medical examiner.

“Do your research online, be careful about the reliability of the sources. Everything I read says NO.”

“Unrealistic items to post, Trevor,” said the doer of good.

“If vaccines had something to do with this, then millions of us would have a new heart problem every day around the world. And we are not.”

“Eh, then you came up with an idea and now you’re asking people on social media if your ideas are true,” it was another criticism.

But not everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

“We do not know Trevor since TalkSport cut you off when you inquired,” came up with one response to his Twitter post.

“A good game for you because you have the balls to ask the question.

“Yes Trevor, don’t ask questions or think for yourself,” were given to help, when a user told him to think before sending tweets.

“All of these comments are trying to be politically correct, to develop two people and to say what it is,” he said. He asked another voice to speak.

“The main effect of the vaccine is inflammation of the heart. However, we must assume that the disease is a coincidence.”

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