Evidence Emerges Implicating a Respected Police Officer for Murder, Could he, do it?

Jonathan Creek is an award-winning British mystery crime drama starring Alan Davies. The Title character Jonathan works as a creative consultant to a magician and helps solve mysteries through his keen eye, attention to detail and his talent for logical deduction. He is sort of a nerd but also a quick-witted genius. The mystery solver creative consultant teams up with an investigative crime writer as his partner to solve the mysteries. He has the natural ability to solve puzzles and looks at everything as a piece to the puzzle that needs to be put together to get to the answer. He believes in eliminating the impossible and whatever remains must be the truth.

In this episode, a highly highly respected police officer is invited to appear on a true crime show, but soon starts to wonder why he is there. Soon evidence starts to emerge implicating him for the murder further complicating everything. Jonathan tries to separate truth from lies and a chequered box belonging to the detective could hold the key to the mystery.

This episode of Jonathan Creek can be viewed on FilmOn TV at 20:00 pm GMT today. It can be viewed then or recorded and viewed later. Record your favorite TV programs if you don’t have time to watch them live and enjoy them later at your own convenience.

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