Eve Online’s miners’ strike signals uncertain times for the space MMO

World War 2, the largest and most costly war in MMORPG’s 18-year history, reached its climax earlier this year. When belligerents return to normalcy, however, they have found where air sports it’s different now than ever – and many did not like what they found.

At the end of the week of November 13-14, thousands of players from both sides of the controversy descended on the Jita 4-4 trading post, firing volleyballs at a conference stadium around the world. They staged protests against the upcoming changes to the Eve Online companies described in Eve Online developer blog published earlier in the week.

Although a very good MMOs it’s hard, but Eve Online is well known for its complexity. In the blog, Eva’s creators decided to change the way the game works in mining. The idea, the CCP tells us, was to make the project more interesting than it had ever been in history, and to add new systems of salt mineral degradation and degradation. According to this policy, miners are required to compress items (ore, gas, or ice) when they bring them to their vessels, and this includes disposing of other items such as debris in a number of items – especially the quality of equipment and mining equipment.

As is the case here, pressing for salt to be able to be properly transported to the refinery takes place immediately, but the desired system will change: players must manually extract raw salt, and this can be done at a level determined by skill as well. the number of compression modules installed on their mining vessel. In addition, waste disposal can cause organizations to weaken or prevent new players from participating in any valuable mining activity.

In the meantime, the CCP has been making changes to some of the key systems – in particular, large-scale shipbuilding funds, which now require more resources and chains.

It is clear that many Eva players feel that they are not connected to the CCP

All of this, combined with other nerfs for the well-known mining ships (especially Rorqual), made some players feel like Eve Online was releasing a sack under them. The miners worked hard to find the ISK they needed to establish, and the combined changes threatened that it would not be possible to make a profit with the vessels.

CCP’s promise of ‘Age of Prosperity’ sounded pointless to miners. Despite the double standard of the galaxy, the new structures seem to undermine any potential, all of which make routine tasks such as mining difficult, tedious, and time-consuming.

One of the most bloody disputes on Eve Online

The downside, in the minds of a few players, was that the change seemed unlikely for new players to find established players, thus making new organizations criticize the big corporations that have been around for years.

any of us who are involved in this release have read any posts in the forum, as well as more on Reddit

Saemundur Hermannsson

Brand Director

Kazanir, who oversees Imperium’s finance group, says the short-term economic change contributed significantly to the aftermath of World War II, which left Goonswarm still standing after months after being surrounded by PanFam Alliance Please Ignore. .

“The industrial changes that took place at the end of the spring made it possible that between 10 and 20 would often be difficult to build any group of ships, the last ships you had to deal with construction and conquer the area,” Kazanir tells us. “Once they got to the last star team we had, they no longer had the ability to easily change larger ships – you can’t make new ones at a higher cost.”

It is not just the number of ships, Kazanir explains, and the uncertainty as to whether a particular ship is worth building in any way. “The cost is questionable, because no one knows how to raise the money you need to build bigger new ships. That sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Some players have expressed conspiracy theories about the change, saying they should be part of a CCP conspiracy aimed at promoting engagement numbers to their new parent, Pearl Abyss, who bought the Eve Online machine maker in 2018. The experienced players are dismissing. speaking as a ‘tinfoil chatter’, but speaking with a chasm that players feel has grown between them and the producers, many of whom started out as players.

“This is the problem,” said a frustrated Ranger Gama, executive director of Imperium and a member of his finance team. “They don’t listen to the players, most of them. They’re listening to the man. They can find one person and listen to him. Then he’ll tell 20 of us, ‘Hey, we don’t know where you got this number from, but it’s not right.

Space train at Eve Online

It is clear that many of Eva’s most experienced players feel that they are not connected to the CCP, and are frustrated by the financial uncertainty created by the integration of new machines, tweaks to old economic systems, and the end of a year-long war. Two annual Fanfest Eve meetings, held in Las Vegas, were canceled due to COVID-19. It’s not hard to see why players feel so far removed from the games they love and feel like they have ownership.

The CCP, however, says players’ responses are very important – in particular, manufacturers say nothing is more important to them.

“I think I can honestly say that each of us who participated in this session read any posts on the forum, as well as more on Reddit,” says Saemundur Hermannsson, director of the CCP. “We want to get everything from the encouraging answers, as much as we can. And fortunately, Eve’s players are very smart.”

Hermannsson points to a recent blog and Brave Collective’s Dunk Dinkle, which digs into the dev diary and provides information based on Dunk time and patch on the test server. Hermannsson says that this post, other blogs like them, and the discussions that take place inside and that the Eve’s Council of Stellar Management have created a ‘thinking tank’ of some kind, which has been instrumental in shaping the way forward.

The changes that have taken place in the spring mean that it is difficult for between 10 and 20 to build any major ship.


Leader of the Imperium financial team

Developers are already making major changes in the upcoming section based on dev diary answers. The coercive machines that players complained about are being removed, e.g.

“I think it sounded good on paper,” said CCP chief Snorri Árnason. “The first time it was set how long it was set was too long. Unsurprisingly it was tedious and long, but the system was just making decisions… designed to make an interesting decision, but we missed the ball there.

Another factor that could have contributed to the unrest was the return of Fanfest events. Sociologist Peter Farrell says the group lacks the closeness it was able to promote with fans at the festivities, and is looking forward to the first human event since the COVID-19 epidemic. It is scheduled for May 5-8 at the Laugardalshöll Sport Center in Reykjavík, Iceland.

“We’re very happy that this is what Fanfest has come for,” says Farrell, “because we see these players, we have conversations in the stadiums, in the stands, just talking about things. So that’s something I personally look forward to. And it can be zing ‘ ,rnason says the role that the CCP has been doing in changing Eve’s back makes it easier for the team to respond to what players are doing.

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“We’ve been developing our systems to have good controls applied to our system, so that they can say, ‘Well, I hear you guys, let’s just raise the good by 5%.’ And that’s one song instead of 50 or 100 songs. So yes, I would say anything, we are working on a response, and we hear you loud and clear. ”

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