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From January 2022 The car is the driver.

Since the iPad, I have always doubted the importance of a fun factory video game in the car. Do you pay extra for the displays in your car? The iPad now costs $ 329 and does not stick to your head. But I experienced a change of heart, a glorious light revealing that the path to nirvana pleasures does not pass through the pill. We need to keep DVD drives.

My 2020 Chrysler Pacifica has all the latest video formats, including HDMI ports. But DVD player is our problem along the way. If you want to watch a car video, Digital Versatile Disc is the best option. It does not require batteries or high speeds. You no longer need to associate it with anything. DVDs are cheap and cannot be burned with your data system. Enter one, wait for the FBI alert, and have been watching a mobile video game. I hope you brought popcorn.

As a result, I was thrilled when my 11-year-old son climbed into the back of the 2022 Infiniti QX80 for rent and said he had DVD players. We had a three-hour drive ahead of us, so I went to Walmart and refueled. You may not be the connoisseur of a large DVD warehouse, but they are packed with random movies at different prices. The $ 7.50 bin also included four Batman discs (two by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney) in the cart. I also took a Hobbit trilogy with Bill & Ted’s first two movies, Good trip and false journey. Now we were ready for the road trip.

But when we got together in the QX80, I realized that the trick was the one we were about to go, since there were no DVDs available. The headband slammed into the front, away from the seat, causing my son to think that there was a DVD clip on top. But no, turning on the screen only shows the SD card slot. SD section! Is this progress? Because it seems that copying a movie and copying the Sd card limit on the downside is a violation of the rules burning your DVD.

Like most modern cars, Infiniti offers many ways to access multimedia other than DVDs, but it all depends on a solid internet connection or a previewer to download pre-selected media. I tried betting, where you take Roku from your home and connect it to the car’s HDMI port, but the QX80’s Wi-Fi requires AT&T registration, and I couldn’t do that for Roku to recognize my phone. like a hotspot. I no longer download any of the movies I can see on the screen. It takes preparation. You know what it doesn’t take to be very prepared? Keep a Bill & Ted DVD in your car if you need to.

With more and more DVD players with an ax, I asked Stellantis nervously if he was keeping the Pacifica afloat in 2021. The answer was yes in most versions. But Pacifica is the rejection. Stellantis killed most of its DVDs in 2018. To solve the problem of online entertainment, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer is available with Amazon Fire TV Auto, which can download movies directly to the car, but the well-published version states: “The car must be in the working class as well. Requires a Wi-Fi data system and an connected Amazon account. Registration for promotional services is not included.

The DVD drama in the arena is the one that is plagued by techno-snobbery inappropriate: it is very relevant to its work, but the visuals look very old. To what I am saying, let us return to the picture. Play. Give me a home demo of the Denon QX80, and let’s go back to the reception area Matrix. The fact that technology has been around for a while does not mean that it will be permanent. You know, like a magazine.

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