Enhanced cyber resilience solutions

John Bailey, Logikalis Solutions

Businesses are also looking at traditional systems to enable them to move from one location to another, says John Bailey of Logicalis Solutions.




In collaboration with Logikalis Solutions

Maintaining well-known systems in a cyber-threatening country has become increasingly common in the epidemic. As our second year of life under Covid-19 draws to a close, many organizations are still struggling to make sure their new and secure systems are secure.

Entry systems, software programs that have been in use in the organization for several years, are often not combined with other methods that the business uses. With digital transformation, businesses need to re-evaluate traditional systems, as well as whether they need to be modified or redesigned.


Improving performance

“Most companies are in the area where they purchased ISV’s and are now using DevOps to repair or remodel existing software,” said John Bailey, business director at Logicalis Solutions. “They can adapt the software to be portable in different locations. For example, something that works on the site can be given the opportunity to navigate from the cloud.”

“Improving the legacy can be difficult for companies because they may still need the services, but they may need to convert them into microservices.

All confidence

Businesses need to ensure that security is based on these services: “The business may be running DevOps with faster, faster solutions, which can deliver new results and microservices faster. “There should be one hundred percent confidence that no one has copied the code on its journey.”

Changing needs

While our security needs are constantly changing, Bailey says the business needs to create a constantly evolving environment that will be hostile to the invader. “You cannot sit back and be confident that the secret approach you have described three years ago is still effective.

Explains Bailey: “Some businesses have security measures in place that look like jigsaw puzzles. They may have made a very good security photo, but once one thing changes, it can be difficult to change a piece of jigsaw to create another existing image. Even if you follow similar methods, such as Lego, it means that some bricks can be replaced and replaced with new ones. ”


“IBM is at the forefront of both sides,” says Bailey. “It has the backbone of any legacy or legacy. It still provides the safest platforms in the market today and is very close to ensuring that the journey forward is well documented for its customers.”

With the acquisition of Red Hat, IBM is able to offer additional options such as secure storage. “I know customers want to change and adapt their software,” Bailey continues. “IBM is at the forefront of addressing the risks posed by future crises. It is preparing all its entry-level tools and tools like Quantum Safe, which may not be a concern today, but will happen in the next five years.

A business needs to constantly streamline its processes to keep pace with the growing trend. “Whatever you do, you have to constantly improve,” Bailey says. “As time goes on, the maturity and speed of the attack will no doubt increase. Your ability to create your own defensive program needs to remain at the fitness level to avoid being overwhelmed. Even large corporations find it difficult to do it on their own. ”

For more information on the security available at Logicalis and IBM, email [email protected]

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