Electric cars aren’t enough to hit climate goals – public transport is also key

Vera O’Riordan of UCC explains why focusing on conventional vehicles and EVs is a ‘missing opportunity’ for countries to re-establish alternative routes and help achieve global climate goals.

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Transport and position 24pc of gas related gases worldwide. Half of that gas is carrier for work, and the other half is from A to B – also known as public transportation.

Travel is a major factor in the environment in which we live, and it is one of the major factors that determine where we live and work. It could be LA cars, Danish cities full of bicycles, Japanese railroads, Vietnamese mopeds, taxi ranks with three famous Indian wheeled rickshaws, or London railroads.

Initiation electric cars (EVs) to a large extent are often used as a solution for emissions – testify UK plans that all new homes and upgrades will have EV production facilities from 2022.

However, recent research from the US has shown that the installation of electricity for cars alone may not be enough for the transportation sector to reach the rest of the world. Seasonal goals to protect the earth from temperatures above 2 degrees Celsius.

In addition, people who continue to rely on automobiles bring serious problems to developing cities. As city growth continues and space is more expensive, we need to reduce car ownership in cities if we want to keep it as affordable and accessible as possible. Big money Areas that can be used for human shelter or to be donated to the environment are still roads and parking lots.

While EVs help to control the amount of air flow, just focusing on changing common vehicles and EVs is the best option. opportunity missed for countries to establish alternatives traffic continuing to rely on the car.

Seasonal operating costs – inclusive Adaptation Fund, a global fund funded by the UN to help developing countries cope with climate change – is expected up to $ 100bn of funding by 2023. Most of this money is being spent on sustainable development projects, which can help developing countries to develop more efficient and sustainable systems.

UN General Assembly Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stands for public transportation system called ‘Avoid, Change, Change‘, which was adapted from the original framework in Germany in the early 1990s.


‘Avoid’ means to reduce the need for movement in the first place. This includes renovating new urban areas and renovating old ones to make them as organized as possible, so that people will not have to travel far for their labor, shopping, educational and recreational needs. Although many years of road shopping have made it very difficult for some cities to move away from automobiles, the future has not yet been written for many of our growing cities.

The system also includes connecting homes and rural towns to the internet so that people can work more easily and cheaply from home, leaving free street areas for people – such as doctors or teachers – who cannot.


‘Shift’ means to change the necessary travel to a steady, active and crowded journey. Instead of having one-person cars, for example, we could use buses, trains, bicycles, scooters, skateboards or hiking trails. Globally, we can see fascinating examples of how countries have contributed to this change to stop relying more heavily on carbon vehicles.

The TransMilenio The buses, operating in the cities of Bogotá and Soacha in Colombia, are one of the largest buses in the world. Carrying between 1m and 2m people daily, more boarding stations, volunteer bus routes and cheaper ticket holders make it more accessible.

Multiplying working methods is another way to encourage change. E-bikes are some of the rapid growth types of travel to China. Engine-powered mobilization promotes long-distance cycling in mountainous areas, tropical areas and among unsuitable people. Lessons from Sweden and Norway shows that cyclists who switch from regular bicycles to cycling increase the frequency of their journeys and the distance traveled on average for each trip.

Recently, residents of Berlin voted to increase traffic restrictions in the German city to meet the city’s 88 sq km – an idea that could lead to the largest in the world a city without cars. Such actions may address the safety concerns of pedestrians and cyclists, who are afraid to travel alongside high-speed, heavy-duty vehicles, while providing transportation.

Most importantly, researchers have identified that without restrictions on the use of vehicles, other measures to promote public transportation, walking and cycling have little effect.

When unnecessary travel is eliminated from such things as poor urban planning and recruitment policies that require the presence of office workers, and once safe public transport systems or routes are provided, we can focus on maintaining the vehicles we have here.


Although fuel efficiency has slightly reduced fuel consumption per kilometer of traffic, the need for public transport continues to grow – meaning that with more and more, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted is higher than the reduction in efficiency. As a result, the UN’s “upgrading” component includes the transformation of buses, trains and vehicles from fossil fuels.

The key to reducing emissions from public transportation is to create access to and use electric vehicles unless there are no other means of transportation. By doing so, we have the opportunity to put an end to dependence on traffic while helping more people to travel.


Author Vera O’Riordan

Vera O’Riordan is a PhD researcher at Ireland’s Science Foundation Marine and Renewable Energy Institute (MAREI) based on University College Cork. It works in partnership with Energy Policy and the Modeling Group to highlight past, present and future emissions from the movement, with financial support from the communications department, climate change and the environment.

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