Ecosystem Of Active NFTs (A-NFTs)

A-NFT Ecosystem

The decentralized cloud is here.

The Quasa NFT ecosystem is made up of a large number of diverse storage providers and developers. This creates a robust and reliable service.

Now IPFS users can reliably store their data with QUASA – a world of applications and use-cases stored, served, and powered by crypto.

QUASA combines with IPFS, a peer-to-peer distributed network protocol, to make a more efficient and secure web free from corporate control. Content addressing and cryptographic storage proofs verify data is being stored correctly and securely over time.

In the QUASA NFT ecosystemall active NFTs (A-NFT) are available in real-time.

A-NFTs are always available regardless of the blockchains they are created on and NFT marketplaces.

Quasa Blockchain

QUASA is the starting point for the growth and coordination of the Quasa Chain blockchain. The Quasa Chain is built on a secure, scalable, and reliable blockchain designed so that anyone can build on it, and billions of people can depend on it.

The Quasa Chain is the technological backbone of the payment system, operated by a network of validator nodes.

The software that implements the blockchain is open-source – designed so that anyone can build on it – and is able to scale so that billions of people can depend on it for their financial needs.

The Quasa Blockchain implements the Clique and Quasa Byzantine Fault Tolerant 2.0 (QuasaBFT 2.0) consensus protocol.

Byzantine fault tolerance is the ability of a blockchain network to function correctly and reach consensus despite nodes failing or propagating incorrect information to peers.

As part of the QuasaBFT protocol, approved accounts, known as validators (signers for Clique), validate transactions and blocks. Validators take turns creating the next block. Before inserting the block onto the chain, a super-majority (greater than 66%) of validators must first sign the block.

Existing validators propose and vote to add or remove validators. Adding or removing a validator requires a majority vote (greater than 50%) of validators.

The number of validators is sufficient to ensure decentralization. Each validator registers and manages the transactions of its users.

The Quasa network is a large community of developers and users all coming together to collaborate and build something greater than themselves.

The Mission

The QUASA active NTFs (A-NTFs) ecosystem is built to enable open, instant, and low-cost access to blockchain services.

Discover the world of decentralized applications in a whole new way with QUASA NFT.

What are Active NFTs?

Active NFTs are NFTs in which their life cycle, all events, documents and history have been added using smart contracts. We call this process “certification”. Moreover, it provides the NFT realm with more accessibility as it allows you to add and authenticate the author, owner of the NFT, and link the physical asset to the NFT.

Active NFTs provide loads of benefits such as:

  • Full NFT life cycle certification including all events and history;
  • Associating a Physical Object with an NFT;
  • Copyright and property rights protection for owners;
  • Transition from passive traditional NFTs to active A-NFTs;
  • Decentralized A-NFT signing by experts or the community on the blockchain.

As such, they have the potential to influence several aspects of the entire market positively. For example, A-NFTs make it possible for investors to purchase more sought-after and valuable (certified) NFTs; meanwhile, it also provides a larger market for potential sellers.

NFTs aren’t just digital pieces of art. They are layered mechanisms for proving ownership, access, rights, and more.

Active NFTs (A-NFTs) Empower Physical Items

Active NFTs authenticate physical assets and represent them in virtual spaces with a unique active NFT (A-NFT).

Now anyone can present objects, works of art, objects they own, and even their beloved pet in virtual spaces and metaverses with proof of ownership of these physical objects and the A-NFT itself.

After you make an active NFT for your item or asset in a couple of clicks, you can send it to experts or the community for signature without leaving QUASA NFT applications.

Decentralized expert or community signature is another know-how of active NFTs (A-NFTs).

Install the QUASA NFT app and certify your property in the blockchain!

Now it’s possible and free for all users!

Active NFTs for Creators, Authors and Owners

Great news for NFT creators, authors and owners – now in the QUASA NFT app you can create your own active NFT (A-NFT) and get a QUASA certificate with the “Ownership” mark of your original NFT.

You do not need to connect a crypto wallet to receive a QUASA certificate with the “Property rights” mark, we care about your safety.

Without leaving the QUASA NFT application, you only need to verify your key by signing it through MyCrypto – Ethereum Wallet Manager without importing a private key.

It is much safer than connecting your crypto wallet and guarantees 100% security of your data and private keys.

The intuitive interface of QUASA NFT will allow you to obtain an NFT certificate with a mark of ownership – very simply.

MyCrypto is an open-source tool that allows you to manage your Ethereum accounts privately and securely.

MyCrypto service is a reliable partner of QUASA NFT

Physical assets are easily represented in virtual spaces (metaverses) using unique active NFTs (NFTs).

Decentralized Expert or Community Signature

After you make an active NFT for your item or asset in a couple of clicks, you can send it to experts or the community for signature without leaving QUASA NFT applications.

Decentralized signature of experts or community – confirms:

– your active NFT;

– an inextricable link between your active NFT and your physical object;
that you own the physical object and that the object exists;

– all information and metadata that you have added to your active NFT is also authenticated.


QUASA creates an active NFT ecosystem.

Using the QUASA NFT application and creating active NFTs is free for all users;

QUASA expands the capabilities of physical objects, allowing them to be authenticated in the virtual space, decentralized to confirm their existence and ownership of these objects.

The use of decentralized expert signatures in QUASA NFT and the community is a huge plus for a wide variety of industries and users.

Quasa NFT App! Your NFT, your way!

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