ECB to unveil delayed action plan on racism following Azeem Rafiq’s claims

Cricket’s response to racism is expected to be unveiled on Friday after he has already delayed the dissemination of 12 plans.

An emergency meeting of the decision-makers for the game took place last week, days after Azeem Rafiq appeared before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport selection committee where he described in detail his experiences in racism in cricket.

England and Wales Cricket Chief Executive Officer Tom Harrison, who also sat in Parliament, walked out of the “all-sports” conference last Friday at the Kia Oval determined to lead cricket in trouble despite his highly regarded position.

The lack of detail followed the insistence that a “visible” change was coming and when Harrison insisted that the 12-point plan be published Wednesday, it was returned just one day before the 24-hour delay took place. .

It was written as “small enough to make it” and shook the joy of the “whole network” into secrecy, but the anti-apartheid cricket fight was rescheduled below when Mehmooda Duke resigned his position as Leicestershire chair immediately. Thursday.

Mr Duke was one of only two ethnic groups to participate in the first 18 states and when he was due to resign in March, his separatist statement acknowledged: “Cricket has been disrupted by recent events and I am “It’s very sad and heartbreaking for the people in our game.”

Nothing was offered for his immediate resignation but with the ECB’s 12-point plan which is expected to meet the needs of a minority representative on the regional board, Duke’s exit is extremely difficult.

It is understood that clubs and regions that do not comply with the new rules could be at risk of having their ECB funds withdrawn.

Cricket has been torn apart by recent incidents and I am deeply saddened to hear the pain of people in our game.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph added that all clubs from the ground up will need to undergo a variety of training courses, which is similar to what Warwickhire will do after completing their research on current player Tim Bresnan’s frequent use of the Rafiq language.

Bresnan England international Bresnan disputed his claim last week and in a new statement apologized to the former Yorkshire off spinner and acknowledged “there must be a change in cultural knowledge and understanding in the sport”, in which he promised to support the next generation. of cricketers coming to Edgbaston.

Warwickhire chairman Mark McCafferty confirmed that the club had spoken to Rafiq and reminded Bresnan of his expectations and revealed that senior players and schools, coaches and members of the senior management team would take part in cultural awareness and appreciation.

Michael Vaughan, who is also accused of racism by Rafiq and denied the allegations, has already been removed from the BBC on the upcoming Ashes tour and unwittingly forced BT Sport to reconsider its use of Fox Sports listing.

Vaughan is currently one of the Australian broadcasters and while BT Sport has exclusively owned UK TV for five seasons, it plans to take audio recordings from Fox Sports.

However based on recent developments in terms of Rafiq’s claims, the position is being reviewed and BT Sport could use audio from Channel 7, featuring Sir Ian Botham and Ricky Ponting as part of their launch.

Elsewhere, former Middlesex and Durham midfielder Simon Hughes has resigned from The Cricketer magazine following criticism and comments in a podcast about Rafiq’s comments about racism in Yorkshire about Gary Ballance.

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