Dozens of traveller caravans in Brighton and Hove over summer

LOTS of travelers have been booked this summer – and nine were on unauthorized pages, demonstrations show.

The new law could threaten the migration of Gypsies and migrant communities by cracking down on illegal camps, the Compassionate Association of Friends, Families and Travelers warned, as it calls what it calls “cruel”.

Passing Parliament, Police, Upandu, Sentencing and Courts Bill will see the police being given greater powers to deal with such camps, including the right to confiscate vehicles and to impose heavy fines on those who have violated “for the purpose of occupancy”.

In July, there were 44 caravan depots in the local government and public areas Brighton and Hove, according to the latest Government figures for travelers.

Data from the Department of Leveling Up, Housing and Communities indicates that there were 38 travelers in the area in July – from 28 July 2019, when the last summer census took place.

Of those enrolled this year, nine were on illegal circles.

Across England, 21,000 travelers were on the official route since the outbreak of the coronavirus – about 90 percent of those registered.

However, these figures show that 3,000 were in illegal camps, and most of those living on the border were travelers and Gypsies.

The number of caravans parked in some illegal areas has dropped by a third of the country since the summer of July 2019.

But the FFT says it does not reflect the number of people waiting for legal circles.

The charity estimates that hundreds of people will be waiting for places across England, with statistics showing that two rental units were created nationwide between July 2019 and July 2021.

The enactment of the new rules could have “serious” consequences for those who live in coastal camps and who want to become nomads, according to FFT.

Abbie Kirkby, director of public affairs and information for the charity, said the figures did not find a “serious lack” of protection.

He said: “It tells us the number of cars, but it does not tell about the people and the background.

“As the State Police Act passes through Parliament, Gypsy and Traveler civilians living on the side of the road have recently been detained in 22 prisons that could face imprisonment or forced entry into bricks and mortar.

“It is absurd and unethical to use all the power of the law to tell people where they cannot go without telling them where they can go.”

A government spokesman said he had received a reduction in the number of illegal landmarks and had given money to councils to build a walkway with the aim of ensuring that Gypsy, Roma and Pilgrim groups were supported.

He added: “Through the Police Bill, Crime, Senteration and Courts, the Government is fulfilling its promise to encourage the police to seize and confiscate the vehicles of people who set up illegal camps and destroy, disrupt, or harass. ”

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