Downing Street parties: How many wine bottles fit in a suitcase, and other questions

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Not a day goes by without any further disclosure of the parties of Downing Street during the closing of Covid. Each new bomb leaves another valley of questions about what was happening, how it was allowed to happen, who knew and what happened next?

Below, we will try to answer these and other questions:

Why are we just learning about parties now?

The first trial of the closing ceremony (so far) began on May 15, 2020. But reports of the parties only began to appear on the radio in the winter of 2021.

Pippa Crerar of Daily Mirror – inside announced the first of two parties, in November, – he said he had heard rumors of Christmas parties in January 2021 but could not confirm them until several months later.

People bring news to the media for a variety of reasons – to destroy a political enemy, revenge, to have fun. But without knowing who the first leaker is, it’s hard to say why it leaked and why it waited so long.

What we do know is that the first Mirror article in November encouraged others to come up with their own party experiences and a month later new news is still emerging.

Were the parties activity or events?

Some were events – including the 20 May 2020 drink that the Prime Minister made, which led to a public apology this week. How do we know? Because ITV received an email who asked the staff to “bring your beer” to the “remote drinks in field No. 10”.

However, Boris Johnson insisted he believed “directly that this was a work incident” by saying that the No. 10 garden is often used “as an office extension”.

There have also been questions about the nature of the event on 15 May 2020. Photo published by the Guardian shows about 19 people, including Johnson and his wife, sitting in the garden with bottles of wine and a cheese board. The Prime Minister said the picture shows “people working, talking about jobs”.

Will we hear about more parties?

The sheer number of stories circulating has caused some to wonder if there was a single day during the epidemic when the party did not take place in No. 10. At least 10 meetings are said to have been held in Downing Street or in government departments. far. If you are a man of knowledge, here is the complete list

Will there be more? If last month is anything to go by, then maybe.

What can a Sue Gray report cover and control?

Following initial party reports, the prime minister ordered a search to be made.

Many Conservative lawmakers have said they will wait for the results of the investigation – led by Prime Minister Sue Gray – before making a decision on the Prime Minister. Ms Gray’s report is supposed to be the true story of the parties that took place on Downing Street.

Catherine Haddon, of the Institute for Government think tank, says Ms Gray cannot say anyone is wrong, but his report “could mean punishment for others”. It could affect the prime minister’s position, but it is not Ms Gray’s place to judge her actions, she adds, even though the “only facts” can be dangerous.

Did the prime minister or anyone else violate the law?

Sue Gray would not say that the closure rules were broken – but the question is more important for the future of the Prime Minister. If the investigation finds evidence of misconduct, they will be referred to the Metropolitan Police and the application will be suspended, according to descriptive words.

What is the role of Dominic Cummings in all of this?

Dominic CummingsPhoto source, Reuters
Word pictures,

Dominic Cummings – game developer turned hunters

Another accuser, another accused.

The former PM leader who became a side-by-side was one of the first government officials to be charged with violating Covid’s laws. He left London for County Durham in the first closed state, after which he said the move was for security reasons.

He has recently been reporting violations in No. 10 during the epidemic – including writing in a blog of drinks on 20 May 2020.

Cummings reportedly warned at the time that the event “appeared to be illegal”.

Who was invited to the garden drink on May 20?

Downing Street GardenPhoto source, PA Media
Word pictures,

Ventilation is a container, though not – Downing Street garden

An email from Johnson general secretary Martin Reynolds, inviting people to “benefit from the good weather”, was sent to a list of about 100 people. But the full list of recipients was not published.

Why, then, was it difficult to determine who was on the list?

Well, the names show who knew about the party going on.

Can a call go out without PM’s permission?

Downing Street reported that Johnson had not seen an invitation for staff to drink.

But many Westminster viewers are skeptical.

On Tuesday, Caroline Slocock, who works in the secret offices of Margaret Thatcher and John Major, told BBC Radio 4 that it was “impossible” that the PM was unaware of such calls, especially to a close employee who used the word “we”.

Hannah White, of the Institute for Government think tank – former secretary of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, said she believed the PM “should know” about the event.

Who else attended the party?

One of the following steps is to find out who attended the meeting, even though it was closed. The BBC has been told from the garden drinks that about 30 people were present, along with the PM and his wife.

Whoever attended the party will be kept secret for the same reasons as the invitation list, showing those who knew about the event.

But most importantly, the list of attendees will show those who chose to break the rules – and perhaps the law – individually.

Wouldn’t Mr Johnson have known about the other parties under his roof?

Downing Street itself is a complex list of connected homes that have been transformed, over the years, into a unique combination of working and living spaces.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak lives in a bedroom above No 10 Downing Street. Mr. Johnson, his wife Carrie and their two young children live in a large room above No. 11.

Does it really make sense that all these men would not have known about the meetings in their home and in their workplace?

Are Downing Street employees allowed to drink at work?

Government regulations do not address alcohol or banning alcohol in the office.

Peter Caldwell – who served as a special government adviser between 2016 and 2020 – told BBC News that before the epidemic he was drinking on Downing Street on Friday evening.

The BBC’s Ben Wright, a political journalist who co-authored a book on alcohol abuse in Westminster, says that alcohol has “permeated politics for centuries.”

“Drinking adds to the excitement of political victory and eliminates its frustrations.

“The authorities have been fighting this for years, from the port of William Pitt Jr., to Herbert Asquith, Winston Churchill, Wilson and Tony Blair, who described alcohol as a ‘prop’ in his books.”

How many bottles of wine can you fit in a suitcase?

Recent Revelation – published by the Telegraph – includes details of the crew allegedly sent to a nearby suitcase suitcase, which was returned with “full of wine bottles”.

How many of those? Following an unscientific experiment – how big the suitcase was, after all – we found that we could fit about 30 bottles, or maybe one Nebuchadnezzar, in a medium and large suitcase.

Although it can be minimal if you want to take out the bottles to avoid breakage.

And will there be a place for you to eat snacks? Do you offer a bottle of wine to make a crisps-colored package?

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