Dog PFP NFTs to Woof Up Your Collection

The PFP the game is increasingly popular with celebrities like Post Malon, Jimmy Fallon, and Prince Royce jumping on NFT hype. The habit of setting up an animal PFP as your avatar on social media games is starting to become standard on crypto Twitter. Truly, the pet that people always love is never forgotten. Finding a dog PFP NFT is in the forefront and we have come to show you the most popular ones.

Following our last week cat PFP NFTs list, this became like the next episode in our list of NFT images we have been offering.

6 Most Popular PFP NFTs Dogs In The Market

We developed a PFP dog list on op business Opensea and social media events. Most of them are on Ethereum, most of the time, we try to integrate Solana NFT into one of Sol. Unfortunately, in this case, we did not find a valid PFP dog on Solana. So we jumped.

Let’s get started. Are you ready? Sit first, give us a small or upper hand. Good boy. And here we go.

1]Tired Ape Kennel Club

Bored Ape? I thought this was for PFP NFTs dogs?

Yes it is. Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) and its fellow dogs were demoted last summer BAYC Price staff. It pays to be the recipient of such a great project, as they always throw in Mutant Apes serums. Both combined types are set to the top 20 of the standard volume on Opensea. Not bad, because airdropped NFT right?

Kennel Dogs were involved in the sale of Bored Ape at Sotheby’s a few months ago.

Bored Ape Kennel Club PFP NFT # 2113
  • Modern Volume: 37.9K ETH
  • Number of Staff: 5.0 K
  • Lowest price: 2.89 ETH
  • Best Selling: 18.8 ETH (# 630)

2]The Doge Pound

The second highest trading volume among PFP NFTs dogs is with The Doge Pound. Boarding the DogeCoin Hype, the team created a meme like NFT and The Doge Pound.

However, after the first phase of the hype, the team developed more weapons, downloaded Doge Puppies to their owners, and created Doges 3D versions of Metaverse.

Dog # 2057
  • Current Amount: 23.7K ETH
  • Number of Staff: 5.5 K
  • Lowest price: 2.36 ETH
  • Best Selling: 16 ETH (# 3417)

3]Cold Dogs PFP

The newly formed Cool Dogs PFP NFTs, a group of 5000 systematically, created randomly on the Ethereum blockchain. They are similar to the well-known Cool Cat NFTs, but with their different models.

With the help of NFT sponsors according to ArtChick, the project was actively sold to mint last week. Cold Dog Holders are awaiting the release of the $ Doggo logo, which gives them a fair share of the second trade payment.

Cool Dog PFP # 1819
  • Modern Volume: 531 ETH
  • Number of Staff: 2.4 K
  • Lowest price: 0.1 ETH

[Chithunzi patsamba 4]A Shiboshi

Similar to The Doge Pound, the NFT team has a piggyback climbing victory for Shiba You. Shiboshis NFT is the only proprietary club that provides direct messages to teams & devs, upcoming game news stories, and other benefits that have been announced on the road.

That’s all pixel art the NFT style of the series, which also allows them to ride the popular Crypto Punks shirt.

Shiboshi # 8932
  • Current Volume: 9.2K ETH
  • Number of Staff: 3.6 K
  • Lowest price: 1.1 ETH
  • Best Selling: 50 ETH

5]Top Dog Beach Club

About 3 months ago The Top Dog PFP Beach Clubs were released. The maps were full of events that were difficult to achieve within a short period of time. But the team gave up. In a short time, the team achieved the following:

  • Launch the Play-to-Earn game
  • Release the $ SNAX support sign with a fixed capability
  • Airdropped (free-to-mint) Top Cat NFT Companies
  • Market place

Not bad for 3 months right? I’m looking forward to their 2.0 run and if they are as fast as they have been for the past few months. The first time we called them, it was inside our popular blog on the PFP hottest project of the NFT group.

Altcoin Top Dog PFP
  • Current Volume: 1.7K ETH
  • Number of Staff: 2.8 K
  • Lowest price: 0.168 ETH
  • Best Selling: 1.49 ETH (# 4625)

6]JunkYard Dogs

Lat one of the dog PFP series likes to be in the trash. JunkYard NFT dogs have 8008 special units, each with its own design.

When you buy a JunkYard Dog you join the pack and become a member of the club. JYD members get access to future products such as Airdrops, Sandbox access, member only drops, and much more. Another good thing, your dog is yours and you have 100% right to sell your dog as long as it is in your bag. For entrepreneurs among our readers, this is great finding a place.

JunkYard Dog # 7852
  • Current Volume: 2.1K ETH
  • Number of Staff: 3.3 K
  • Lowest price: 0.05 ETH

What Is Your Dog Favorite PFP?

Here it is, our dog list PFP NFTs. What do you think?

From the lower barrier to the 50 ETH trade. This list contains everything.

If you want more updates on NFT images, or other articles. Make sure fhelp us on Twitter. And if you find your favorite NFT with this blog, please share it with your friends. The more noise there is in social media in our news, the more we deliver. It is your privilege to comment to us, letting us know that you appreciate the posts we are writing. Sharing and caring.

Finally, be sure to check out our latest video on “4 ways to get NFTs projects” on Youtube and CryptoRut.


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