Digital technologies could deliver 40% of Ireland’s 2030 carbon reduction targets

Minister of Housing, Government & Heritage Darragh O’Brien and Tony Yang, Huawei Technologies Ireland

Leaders agree that sustainable business operations can reduce and reduce costs




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Proper deployment of digital technologies could reduce by up to 40% of the amount of carbon dioxide needed to meet Ireland’s goals by 2030, according to a new study by Amárach Research.

The report demonstrates the appropriate implementation of the digital transformation program – through digital means of electronics, manufacturing, agriculture, housing and transportation – with the potential to reduce emissions as part of achieving the goals set by Climate Action Plan 2021.

Using Digital Europe statistics on digital support for CO2 emissions reduction, the Amárach study calculated that digital could bring 9.9-13.1 MtCO2eq. in smoke reduction to Ireland’s 2030 goal.


A new study has also found that 52% of decision-makers in all power, agriculture and government sectors now see climate change as a key factor in business – ahead of even job loss / skills – while 92% of interviewed leaders expect. sustainable business operations are essential for saving money, over-driving and reducing costs.

Amárach’s new report, ‘Digital Path to Sustainability’ of Ireland, was presented by Huawei Ireland and launched today by Minister of Housing, Local Government & Heritage Darragh O’Brien, at a ceremony held at Dublin Castle to celebrate Huawei European Innovation Day 2021..

The survey found that 49% of Irish organizations think that digital technologies have made a significant contribution to achieving their goals over the next three years, while 43% say that the current stability is in line with their organization’s goals and objectives.

Companies now see carbon depletion as a priority for their businesses, according to the report, but SMEs who want to stay behind on their journey to sustainable businesses related to big business.

When asked which technologies would be key to the organisation’s strategic goals for the next three years, the respondents came up with a variety of ideas about which technologies would be most important, with 5G, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, creative thinking ( AI) is all virtual reality (VR) all mentioned.

“Everything goes smoothly, and for our response to be sustainable, we have to innovate,” said Minister O’Brien. “The increase in carbon dioxide occurs during production and construction, but innovations can play a major role in reducing this, and they are already doing so. Industry 4.0 is developing construction and energy efficiency.

“The European Environmental Information and Observation Network also highlighted the role of the digital sector in supporting the European Green Deal and reducing environmental impact by reporting companies earlier this year. I would like to thank Huawei and Dublin Chamber for their efforts in hosting the event today and thank you for the report Amárach’s new exciting series, which will be an important tool for decision makers and innovators in reducing our emissions. ”

“With Ireland already making progress in integrating digital technology into the economy, and fifth in the 27 EU countries in the 2021 edition of the Digital Economy and Society Index, we believe Ireland has a great opportunity to accelerate clean energy transformation. And sustainable growth,” he said. by Tony Yangxu, head of Huawei Ireland.

“This new study by Amárach provides valuable information on the changing and growing goals of corporations and companies throughout Ireland. all that is needed for Ireland to achieve the Climate Action Plan 2021 goals. ”

Speaking at the launch of the report, Mary Rose Burke, Chief Executive Officer, Dublin Chamber, said: “The Dublin Chamber welcomes the implementation of the report by Amárach and Huawei.

“We at the Dublin Chamber see Irish companies responding to climate change often ahead of government action. They are following the customer, following their employees, and following the Investor according to their business needs to be green. digital is a way forward. ”

The Dublin Castle event also featured contributions to the women’s leadership of the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Alison Gilliland; Siobhan O’Shea, Client Services Director, CPL; Brid Horan, Chancellor, DCU and Paul Harrison, Huawei UK. STEM Education & Talents Upskilling section heard from Sarah Jane Delaney, Professor of Inclusive Computer Science, TU Dublin; Dr Brendan Jennings, Vice President of Research and Innovation, TU Dublin; Dr Lisa Higgins, Director of Challenge Research, Science Foundation Ireland and Conor McGinn, CEO, Akara Robotic.

In addition, there were donations from TECH4HER alumni, and the announcement of new scholarship opportunities for STEM female students as part of the Huawei ‘TECH4HER’ Scholarship Program, UCC is now joining TU Dublin and UCD as participating universities.

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