Devastation Will Be Unleashed Upon Rust Console Edition

Survivors, the first free updates of Rust Console Edition, Destruction Released, coming November 25! This exciting new transformation brings with it new technologies such as professional pricing, hands-on, improved grip handling, support goals, and lifestyle changes and bug fixes!

Tech Trees change the way players progress Rust Console Edition. You will no longer have to rely on spending your money on regular plans on a working bench – you can open up the things you want most. Gather the pieces around the map and make a bench to reach the Tier 1 Tech Tree. From here, you can use the pieces to unlock various branches of objects depending on your play. Do you enjoy building and strengthening your foundation? Unlock security and traps to defeat your enemies! Or do you prefer the straight path? Then open the gun with ammo to end your competition successfully!

Rust: Destruction of Freedom

Everything has its part, which is why you have to collect more and make a high-performance working bench to unlock more final items. You can try your luck at the wheel of the Bandit Camp to get some extras, but don’t forget, the house wins…

You will be able to search for items from the Research Table as you did before, so there are many ways to progress. The goal of adding Tech Trees is to bring the game closer to core Rust experience by eliminating the random system we had so far to open new Blueprints. This will give everyone a variety of ways to play the game.

Rust: Destruction of FreedomRust: Destruction of Freedom

Coming back with Devastation Unleashed is an exciting feature of ‘Gestures’, which gives you the opportunity to perform various emotes using the radial menu to get a better view of the game. Is there someone far away to hear the chatter? Give them a wave… or something less!

These updates also include new map crops, bug fixes, lifestyle changes and new festive skins! We are striving to bring as many updates and updates as we can Rust Console Edition, and this is only the first of many changes. I hope you all can enjoy it! See you on the beach, survivors.

Destruction Released will be there for Rust Console Edition on November 25th!

Xbox LiveXbox Live

Rust Console Edition

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$ 49.99

Welcome to Rust. The only goal in Rust is to survive – Conquer struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Light a fire. Build a shelter. Serve the meat. Protect yourself from other players.

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