Democrat Thompson seeks stronger TSA mask enforcement. Republican Wicker calls on President Biden to end mandates.

One can bring civil and punitive penalties through a heavy TSA and the other supports human rights and economic freedom.

It is a matter of two perspectives that have been integrated into two very different ways in which the government should continue to respond to COVID over the holidays.

Mississippi leader Bennie Thompson (D) wants the government to set up a masking campaign for U.S. travelers while US Senator Roger Wicker (R) wants President Joe Biden to relinquish his role in favor of travel restrictions and help workers retain their jobs.

Thompson, Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security, and Congresswomen Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ), Chair of Transportation and the Maritime Security Subcommittee, proudly announced that they were later. pressing The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the agency has been actively enforcing federal COVID regulations for passengers to wear masks during travel.

“We are pleased that the TSA has been increasing the pressure on the Federal mask on the move – based on the amount of pressure and the amount of the dollar,” Thompsons and Coleman said in a statement today. “However, the TSA must continue to pressure the public to ensure that the perpetrators face serious consequences. This is essential for the perpetrators to be held accountable, to prevent irregularities, and to avoid threats that put all travelers and TSA staff at risk.”

Note the terms used in these two democratic terms:

  • Add pressure
  • As a result
  • Olakwa
  • Unacceptable behavior
  • Possible risks

It reveals how the two Democrats view the American people and the role the government should play in the face of the epidemic, with about 70% of the people vaccinated only once and 55% with both.

Mu a letter to the Committee, TSA Superintendent David Pekoske wrote that as of November 1, 2021, the TSA has issued 2,310 Warning Notices and 199 Institutional Punishment Notices for violations of the law. In addition, the TSA has increased the non-compliance rate of the mask and added a list of factors that would make a person eligible for state penalties. The TSA wrote that it was also suspending PreCheck access for people who had received a warning or a fine.

Compare Thompson’s request with Senator Wicker’s recent comments.

According to Washington Post, Monday was the last day for government workers to receive the coronavirus vaccine. WP Story Monday – “Air travelers face long lines of security at National level even when the location is changing ”- he urged tweet Wednesday from the Senator of Mississippi.

“Travelers are facing long queues at the airport this holiday season,” Senator Wicker wrote. “President Biden’s vaccine could make the delay even worse next year. The president will have to resign before he destroys our economy.”

The TSA told the Post that 93 per cent of its employees adhere to the deadline for the civil service vaccination deadline and the requirements for non-registration.

“Unemployed workers may be fired, but the union says the job does not affect holiday travel,” the Post reported.

Senator Wicker too wrote Op-Ed in July calling on President Biden to end the airstrip.

“Americans who have recently stepped in at an airport or a train station are probably feeling the pinch. Although the epidemic is declining and masks are no longer needed in many places, those who want to board a plane or train are still forced to wear masks – even if they are completely vaccinated, “Wicker wrote.” doing so to prevent the virus from spreading. Those who refuse to comply with this law are at risk of being stripped of their seats, denied future service, or even fined. The American people are tired of these oppressive laws that have no scientific basis. ”

Wicker said global standards are unnecessary because of the good we see.

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