Defense contractor Hensoldt confirms Lorenz ransomware attack

Hensoldt, an international security contractor based in Germany, has confirmed that some UK operations have been disrupted by ransomware attacks.

International security develops defense, aerospace, and security measures, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and generated $ 1.2 billion by 2020.

It operates in the US under a special agreement that allows for the registration of confidential and complex US government contractors.

Its products include radar arra, avionics, and laser rangefinders used on M1 Abrams tanks, various helicopter towers, and the LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) by the US Army, US Marine Corps, and the US National Guard.

Hensoldt he announced Thursday that it is preparing the German-Norwegian U212 CD submarines built with kta consortium and equipment for the next generation of digital optronics.

Even before the company issued a public document on the matter, a Lorenz ransomware terrorists he has already spoken out against the conspiracy.

On Wednesday, a Hensholdt spokesman confirmed Lorenz ‘statement after BleepingComputer sent an email.

“I can confirm that the smaller mobile devices in our UK network have been affected,” Hensoldt Director of Public Relations, Lothar Belz, told BleepingComputer.

However, Belz declined to comment further, saying “for no apparent reason, we will not disclose any further information in such cases.”

The Ransomware Group says it has been paid

For its part, the Lorenz ransomware group claims to have stolen anonymous files from the Hensholdt network during the attack.

The terrorist group claims that the money was paid, with 95% of all stolen files printed on the discarded ransomware page as of December 8, 2021, when Hensoldt’s release page was created.

Although Lorenz lists the loss as “Paid,” it is not clear whether this means that Hensoldt paid the ransom or whether another perpetrator bought the data.

Hensoldt Lorenz publication
Hensoldt Lorenz (BleepingComputer) Release Page

This is because the Lorenz ransomware group is known selling stolen goods to other risk takers forcing the victims to pay a ransom.

If no ransom is paid after all data has been downloaded as an RAR-protected password, Lorenz will re-enter the password to recover the stolen archives so that the stolen files will be made public to anyone who downloaded the downloaded archives.

This ransomware hacker will also sell access to cyber bullying to other people who are threatening along with stolen data.

Lorenz took office in April 2021 and has been monitoring business organizations around the world, demanding thousands of dollars from anyone who has been abused.

In June, the Dutch company cybersecurity Tesorion released the free Lorenz ransomware decryptor software, which victims can use to recover other types of files, including Office documents, PDF files, photos, and videos.

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