Death toll from Russia coal mine explosion climbs to 56

The death toll from the Listvyazhnaya mine accident in Russia’s Kemerovo region has risen to 52. TASS Price reports.

No one was left alive in the mine. Fifty-two people have been killed in the crash, including mine rescuers.

The accident at the coal mine happened on Thursday morning, November 25. At that time, there were 285 workers sitting on the floor, with 43 injured. They were hospitalized, four of them in critical condition.

The Kemerovo region has declared November 26-28 to be a day of mourning for the victims of the mine accident.

Russia’s Deputy Attorney General Dmitry Demeshin has announced the first cause of an accident at the Listvyazhnaya mine. According to him, no doubt, the accident happened as a result of a methane explosion.

“Obviously, it was a methane explosion, which was caused by an explosion that caused an explosion by a powerful force. People were injured and could not get out of the mine,” the official said.

Earlier it was reported that the accident happened in the mine due to a fire that broke out due to burning coal dust. Then the smoke filled the mine through the exhaust legs.

In the past, Interfax The media reported that the miners who were trapped in the mine had exploded with a chance of surviving.

“Missing miners may be out of breath during lunch. Self-rescue machines have been set up for six hours,” a source told the agency, more than 12 hours after the accident. of mine.

An eyewitness later described the reaction of his fellow miners. According to him, The miners had the courage to rush in after an emergency. He managed to save about ten people. The man admitted that he did not run into the mine alone, because he did in fear he could not move his feet.

The Russian Inquiry Committee has opened a case involving the Listvyazhnaya mine accident, which has been the largest mining accident in Russia since 2010. The director, who is the deputy governor of the region, has been arrested.

The department also alleged that the detainees had violated industry safety requirements at the production facility.

“A massive gas explosion occurred. Smoke began to fill the base of the Category 4 atmosphere, which caused the miners to extinguish it,” representatives of the Research Committee said.

In 2021, the raids revealed 914 breaches at Listvyazhnaya mine, Andrey Vil, a government spokesman in Rostekhnadzor said. Since then, 127 people have visited the mine, and work on the site has been suspended six times. The total amount exceeded four million rubles.

Coal mine explosion in Russia

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