Daniel Craig drunkenly asked Sam Mendes to direct Skyfall without telling anyone

Giving the big film to the director is not something that happens naturally, especially when it comes to a big party like James Bond’s permission, but it is what Daniel Craig did when he met Sam Mendes at the party. I’m talking about the Variety’s Awards Chatter podcast (via The Playlist), Daniel Craig revealed that he asked Sam Mendes to lead Skyfall, all without telling anyone.

Daniel Craig was at Hugh Jackman’s Christmas party when he saw Sam Mendes. “I was quite drunk, Sam arrived late and I hadn’t seen him in years, I had never seen him since ‘Road To Perdition,’Craig explained. “Sam sat down and drank together and it just popped up on me, it was like one of them. [moments]. We were [already] a discussion of the facilitator… and it only became apparent to me as I sat facing him. I thought, ‘Of course.’ And so I just went, ‘I probably shouldn’t say this, but do you want to direct the next Bond movie?’”When Sam Mendes immediately agreed to correct Skyfall, Daniel Craig knew he was in the wrong, even when he was drunk.

And he just did this thing, he kind of just looked at me [and squinted] I said, Yes. And then I went, ‘I’m in trouble now.’ I’m sure there is someone I need to talk to about this before I go to give a job to the facilitator. It wasn’t my responsibility, but I was drunk!

The next day, Daniel Craig called Barbara Broccoli, a Bond fundraiser, to explain what had happened. “I called Barbara the next minute and thought, ‘Oh God, we’re going, I’m in trouble now,’”Craig recalled. “I said, ‘I think I gave Sam Mendes the lead job last night.”Unfortunately, Barbara Broccoli thought it was a weird idea. After treatment Skyfall, Sam Mendes returned to lead Daniel Craig in Specter, but the film was not well received. Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond is over No Time to Die and Barbara Broccoli has stated that the study of a New Bond will start this year.

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