D-Street Week Ahead: Trading range to be wider than usual; avoid creating shorts

In strong but small areas over the past five days, the Indian stock markets increased their lead for the fourth consecutive week. Five stages were strong; the markets traded with the right bias and used the constant combination to simply strengthen themselves and put profit.

Commercial sales remained 407-odd; the inward bias though was highly correlated. Following a strong trending move, headline Nifty ended with a profit of 443.05 points (+ 2.49 percent) weekly.

From the available data, a total of 18,200 remains necessary for viewing next week. This level saw a significant increase in Put and Call OI on Friday; and interestingly, this level has a large number of both Sing and Apply OI for next week’s post-election.

This is obviously a major change; but the way it will change will determine what happens next week. If Nifty manages to defend 18,200 units and keep its head above that, we could see some more benefits to come.

Instability has declined over the past week. India More Ado decreased by 5.95% to 16.56 weekly. The coming week is expected to see 18,390 levels and 18,600 act as opposing positions. Services come in the range of 18,050 and 17,900. Sales in the middle of next week should be bigger than usual.

Relative Strength Index (RSI) on the daily chart is 63.94; it does not interfere and does not show any difference in price. The weekly MACD is bearish and below the signal line. However, a smaller Histogram shows the inclusion of this feature in the coming weeks.


Out of the candles came a strong white body. This demonstrated direct agreement with the participants on the guidelines.

Sample analysis shows that Nifty has taken support on the ever-expanding line of around 16,400; has confirmed this patent support and has developed some amazing advanced technology from those groups.

Currently, it is above MA for 20 weeks; it also sells all its moving keys. From a technical point of view, the coming week looks solid; there is a good chance that Nifty will continue to move.

However, given the nature of last month’s technical skills, there is an opportunity for further integration. In any case, even if any integration is taking place, the minimum can be very small and any such combination is well known and varied.

It is also said to avoid making shorts; all combined components should be used for the purchase of quality and selected items.

Looking at Relative Rotation Graphs®, we compared the various components with the CNX500 (Nifty500 Index), which represents 95 percent of the free float market in all listed markets.



A review of Relative Rotation Graphs (RRG) shows that the Nifty IT Index is the only indicator within the next four quarters and retains its strength against broader markets. Other than that, Nifty Auto is in the middle of the forward quadrant, but it seems to be running its course.

Nifty Media has fallen significantly within the weak quadrant. Along with this, the PSU bank, and the Infrastructure Index are also within the weak quadrant.

Bank Nifty indexes and financial indexes continue to weaken within the lower quadrant. There is a chance that we can see the real inefficiency of these groups.

Although FMCGs and consumer indexes are also within the lower quadrant, they seem to be combining and improving their power against the broader Nifty500. Nifty Pharma and Metal indexes appear to be stable within a thriving quadrant and are expected to continue to perform well in major markets.

Important Note: RRGTM charts show the strengths and movements of the stock exchange. In the chart above, they show performance against the Nifty500 Index (broad market) and should not be used directly as buying or selling signals.

(Milan Vaishnav, CMT, MSTA, and Consulting Technical Analyst are the founders of EquityResearch.asia and ChartWizard.ae and are based in Vadodara. They can be reached at [email protected])

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