Cryptoday 059 – Volatility – Ang Presyo Ng Oportunidad (Tagalog)

You may have seen the decline in the prices of cryptocurrencies last week. Bitcoin dropped from $ 68,000 to $ 57,000 while Ethereum also dropped from $ 4,800 to $ 3,900.

These ideas translated into Tagalog by Arzen Ong of BitPinas came from Luis Buenaventura II. Cryptoday Column here. The Cryptoday’s Tagalog translations published one day after the release of the English Bible (two days for this piece). Luis is the Philippine manager at the Yield Guild Games, co-founder of BloomX, a licensed exchange in the Philippines, and co-founder of Cryptopop Art Guild. For any comments and questions, please write to Luis directly Twitter.

Crypto Market Growth Phase 4 is

Although $ AXS was high and low at $ 123, its lowest price since October. This is interesting because $ BTC and $ ETH arrived ‘always’ a few weeks ago. In fact, other currencies such as $ YGG, $ SAND, and $ CRO are still increasingly expensive as I write this letter. As a result, the growth of the crypto market can be seen as positive in the fourth quarter of the year, although there has been a 20% slide in recent days.

For ‘newcomers’ to crypto markets, it is worth remembering instability and the value of opportunity. The market will not function well if you do not see inflation and decline. Remember that you choose Enter the crypto world because you want to invest in a fast-moving market with the potential to make huge profits. We could say that such weekends are a reward for the good that we enjoy.


Let’s talk about $ CRO quickly. I have been keeping $ CRO for two months even though I am not a ‘great supporter’ of (Formerly Monaco). Instead, I did so because it was the only way to obtain a Visa credit card. Once you have a credit card, you no longer need to sell your crypto in pesos to sell. This is especially helpful for Axie executives who are looking for ways to make their money easier.

I had to put $ 4,000 of $ CRO on the “Jade Green” crypto card, so I did this even though it was hard. The interesting thing here is that this is my most successful investment this quarter, as my position here is $ 10,000. announced yesterday that they have the right to change their name of the LA Lakers Staples Center to be the “ Arena” for $ 700M. As their richest competitor, FTX is also making a huge impact on its big marketing this year. See the full list of credit cards here (Not everyone should take $ CRO). I just want you to know that I have not fully tested all of their functions due to issues such as living in the Philippines, misunderstandings with customer support, and other unusual software errors. When I have finished all of this, I will try to transfer all my money using the card to encourage you fully.


I am happy to announce my project to the players and managers of the YGG team. We have also thought for a long time about the help we can give to our Filipino people, and what we often realize is the lack of the highest quality in our language. So, with the help of the newly established YGG Pilipinas ‘Ministry of Information’, today we launch YGG notification portal!

To begin with, we have two important ‘leaders’ to read: For players, we have them Guide to setting up the Ronin program. And for managers, we have a guide to setting up your own team. These tips are available in Tagalog, Bisaya, Ilocano, Hiligaynon, and English. Expect frequent updates on our new portal features. We will also receive requests from our community for further questions that may need to be answered.

And with the advent of YGG, its machine price has already exceeded $ 8, the highest since last October. We are still free non-stop announcements of the contract for a whole month, and as a member of it, it is difficult to remember all the games and projects because of their quantity.


Ours is gone NFT technology contract based on Heart Evangelista at a fun fair yesterday where many collectors competed for two photos, the Rain and Desire. I could not take my eyes off my smartphone for two hours looking at the results of these two commercials and time passed slowly. Previous work, and Rain, has three ‘extra hours’, as each new ad increases the sales count by 10 minutes. At the end of the trade, the total cost of these services reached 17.35 ETH or 3.6MM pesos.

Congratulations to the winners of Goldtree and AxieBoss! I am so grateful for the support we have received from all the collectors. I was also amazed at the number of people who participated in this business. This is the first time I’ve seen an ad where every ad is updated with a new ad from #CryptoPH. I am so proud that our community is able to make money similar to what is produced in traditional art … or maybe more!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank 4AA5C2, JanitorNiChizEscudero,, QuirkyNFT, AxieBoss, and Goldtree. WAGMI!

See you again next week for crypto friends!

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