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For many football enthusiasts who have been campaigning for a long time to change the modern game industry, which is in Tracey Crouch comments “led by fans” they are so familiar that at the same time they are incredibly painful and incredibly encouraging. It also considers the apparent difficulties and disruptions of the system as all the previous reports have been piled up since the Soccer League Clubs were separated and formed the Premier League 29 years ago, and have reached the same conclusion.

But there is a big difference this time, making it a real sign. The comments show that politicians have failed miserably, and former campaigners in the Football Supporters’ Association, who have done a lot of work, have learned from previous reports that have changed slightly. For that reason it does not seem that a Conservative government led by a man like Boris Johnson would seriously consider bringing in a referee on social media, which has now become possible, once Crouch took advantage of his position and promoted it.

The Premier League opposes the idea but a large part of the 20 clubs, which have billions of players in the game and have a lot of power within it, have brought this idea to their attention. Since the new Labor government has had a “military force”, since 1997, to see the flaws in the game changer, the Premier League has been opposed and pressured to change. Under former boss Richard Scudamore, the Premier League also worked hard to oppose the move of the Football Association, the governing body, financial management and ownership of top clubs.

With his wealth and rise, the league has won the battles that have taken place and the role of the FA has been centered on directing football, from the England team to the original and technical pyramid, and to coaching programs. It has made remarkable progress in many of these areas, as announced Amazing change for the England team, but mainly avoids the collapse of the club management business and the painful twisting of the game.

Crouch’s comment reached the same level as all of his predecessors, acknowledging what has happened successfully since 1992, and recognizing its challenges. “This success story of English football compliments the efforts and vision of countless people over the years,” he says, “but it is possible to celebrate these benefits at the same time and to be deeply concerned about the future. football in this country. “

Crouch reviews can bring in more checks and fees placed on clubs. Photo: Catherine Ivill / Getty Images

For all the years under review, the top clubs have done well with the ultimate goal: to save as much football money as they can. The escape was an escape Football League The structure of dividing money through four divisions, with each of the 20 gold medals at any given time, coming close to returning the same, 50% of the old dividends.

The inconsistent inconsistencies that have been identified are described on page 28 of the Crouch report which contains a very simple picture of the club’s financial performance in 2019-2020. Larger clubs than all four other clubs have played in the Champions League, valued at £ 444m each. That was £ 424m more than the average £ 20m made by Championship clubs without parachute fees. Those who have parachute payments – which, as the report notes, embezzle EFL funds – only make small stumps on the graph, about £ 52m. This review requires equal sharing, to be established by the directors if the clubs do not agree.

Nearly 30 years of rising football revenue has transformed popular clubs established as Victorian corporations into businesses, so that the owners can “come out” one day and sell for huge profits. In December 1999 the FA, the Premier League and the Soccer League rejected a number of reforms on the football governing body and released their own reports. About one of the then the top 20 clubs they have the same owners now, and several, in particular Martin Edwards of Manchester United and David Moores of Liverpool, sold their shares to investors for a profit of millions. It is interesting to note that the 1999-20 Premier League champions that adopted this include Sunderland, Coventry, Wimbledon, Derby, Bradford and Sheffield Wednesday, clubs that have faced challenges since leaving.

According to a Crouch report, professional clubs have collapsed 62 times since the Premier League left, leaving unpaid bills from management. Many fell in the early 2000s, when there was nothing comparable to the current level of economic growth, and even the “qualification of the right people” at all, football officials had been arguing for years that it would not happen.

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The Premier League and the EFL went awry over time, guided by various reports, problems, difficulties or business ideas, or sometimes just doing the right thing. In light of history, it is amazing that patience has come to an end, and ideas have been developed for self-improvement, when the game is run better and more efficient than ever, and clubs have more community programs that work better in many places. not benefiting from ten years of government. But now the most recent questions, led by some people who have been around for a long time, have confirmed that football can no longer be alone, and it needs help to support itself.

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