Couple Signed a Life Insurance Policy. Two Days Later the Wife Was Dead

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Last Thursday, Christopher Collins called Texas police from the gymnasium and asked them to seek help. His wife, Yuanhua Liang, texted him about entering his home, he said, and now he could not find him.

The 41-year-old man – a solo artist and financial advisor, according to his various television personalities – reportedly told police not to rush home because Liang could be upset at times. When Collins met with Harris County officials at the couple’s home, they found Liang shot dead in a living room.

Collins is now charged with murder, and investigators say he “worked” to make it appear that someone had killed him. According to prosecutors in the Thanksgiving case this morning, Collins told police he and Liang did not keep firearms or “live ammunition.” He also said he had no life insurance.

But officials investigating the site found a $ 250,000 life insurance policy on the desk. Collins and Liang signed the document on Nov. 16 — just two days before Liang’s assassination, ABC13 in Houston. reports.

In Thursday’s case, prosecutors said Liang’s body was found with a veil over his face and a wrap bag around his head. They stated that if the killer had a “relationship” with his target, they “would not want to see his face after his death.”

Collins quickly became a suspect, police said, because most of his case was not included. He also said that the couple’s house showed no signs of intrusion, and photographs from the gym show Collins walking around the area for 45 minutes, then working for 5 minutes, after receiving his wife’s active voice. The video revealed that Collins was making a phone call to a gym.

The man reportedly told police that his house had security cameras but did not consider looking at them when his wife complained that he had entered.

Meanwhile, police found Liang’s bag and her jewelry bag in Collins’ locker at a gym that had been opened by a sports worker. Earlier, Collins said Liang’s pocket was missing.

Authorities say they also found a .22 rifle in Collins’ pocket, and that Liang was shot with a handgun.

On Wednesday, counselors from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office questioned Collins before arresting him over Liang’s murder.

Collins did not appear in court the next day, Dinani 2 Houston he said, because he was in a psychiatric hospital. The judge set Collins’ bail at $ 150,000 and arranged for him to appear in court on Monday.

A reporter and Click 2 Houston said he spoke briefly to Collins shortly after Liang’s death but “was very upset and asked not to be kept secret.”

Pa a a press release last week, Sgt. Ben Beall of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said ministers were summoned to the couple’s home two weeks before the assassination, after someone allegedly broke their property.

“Right now, it looks like a painful death,” Beall said. “We are questioning our neighbors and looking for any other witnesses out here.”

Liang, 46, was seen writing “Kiki” on television. He and Collins were working on TikTok and Instagram, where they run accounts for their dog, Coco, and another handle called “kikiandchrisyoga,” with a bio that reads: “Man and woman. Doing yoga. Being green. Being healthy. Chickens. Love your bodies! ”

On Nov. 15, Collins shared his painting project on TikTok with the caption, “I’m still trying to raise a family. Please send me.” One month earlier, Collins had posted a picture of his wife with the caption: “Be yourself responsible for everything.”

The two also made a GoFundMe Page and a page called to ask for the help of their cat, which they said requires surgery. “We have been raising and raising more than 20 animals in the last 5 years,” the website added, “the website is new and will grow over time as our foundation will help more fur kids all over the world. Please consider donating everything you can. It all helps. Penny everyone . “

Another website,, links to Collins’ Instagram account and appears to be a fashion company run by the killer. The street clothing label calls the moniker “Slippyninja Collins” and is described as “an artist from outside Boston” and “a disabled and surviving vex of cancer 2x.”

“He has traveled around the world and collided with elite people all over the world,” the page says. “He ‘s been a creator for many years and now he’ s entering the shoe industry.”

Police reports suggest Collins may have been facing financial hardship recently.

After the tragic shooting of his wife, Collins reportedly told police his car had been confiscated and he was now driving a rented car.

Liang appeared to support Collins in his letters on TikTok in addition to promoting his Denver The Bear sneaker, which Collins announced was being made in Italy. “My guys took off his high heels,” he wrote in March, with a GIF that said, “Success Must Do.”

One month ago, Liang shared a TikTok photo that said, “Ever since my husband got sick, we ate a lot.” He also described his use of fasting and anti-inflammatory foods, adding, “He is now 34 pounds and healthy even with chemo. And the good news is that we have seen a 70% reduction in tumor size.”

“Now we are moving forward. Continue our healthy journey, “he wrote.” Thank you all for your support. “

In Januware TikTok, Liang wrote, “Until two months ago, I was exercising. Every day. Then. My husband has cancer. It all changed.”

His written statement reads: “Forty years and a half. New health. A new life. ”

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