Complaints over denied compensation for flight delays still unresolved following lengthy inquiry

Nearly two years after launching an investigation into thousands of complaints from airline passengers who were allegedly denied compensation for delaying flights, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has issued a ruling.

However, the affected riders must wait for a verdict.

This is because instead of trying to resolve the grievances, the CTA has ordered the airline to reconsider the request of passengers to receive compensation in line with the agency’s new guidelines.

The dispute arises from the federal Air Passenger Protection Regulations (APPR) enacted in 2019. The law mandates that airline passengers receive up to $ 1,000 for a flight that has been delayed or suspended for reasons overseen by the airline, such as regular maintenance or over-reservation. .

As soon as the rules came into effect on Dec. 15 that year, the CTA flooded more than 3,000 high complaints, stating that the reasons given by airline companies for refusing to compensate for tears were insufficient or baseless.

On Feb. 13, 2020, a The CTA initiated the investigation which focused on 567 complaints, concerning all major Canadian airlines: Air Canada, WestJet, Air Transat, Sunwing and Swoop.

As a result of this research, CTA has now issued flight instructions on the factors considered in flight management, such as staff shortages, computer failure and maintenance.

The CTA said riders whose cases were still unresolved although the new guidelines could be contacted by the agency on Feb. 15, 2022, to assist them in fulfilling the decision.

‘It’s frustrating’

Complainant Michael Kerr is not satisfied with the results of this study. He filed a complaint against the CTA in February 2020 when Air Canada refused to pay compensation following an eight-hour delay on a flight to Halifax to Toronto.

He has not yet received a verdict.

“It’s frustrating,” said Kerr, from Toronto but living in Fargo, ND. [the CTA] pushing really far. “

Michael Kerr filed a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency after Air Canada rejected compensation for delaying a flight on Feb. 2, 2020. (Provided by Michael Kerr)

Traffic rights expert Ian Jack agrees. He said he was pleased that the CTA had clearly stated what types of flight delays should be paid, however, he was concerned about the delay in continuing to give a judgment to the complainants.

“People have been waiting a long time for a decision but it has not been resolved – and it is very frustrating,” said Jack, a spokesman for the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), a nonprofit organization that supports Canadian travelers.

“Sometimes, justice is delayed.”

The CTA told CBC News in an email that the questions were temporarily suspended during the epidemic. The commission also said that the inquiry was a “complex and complex process” that included considering the responses from those involved, including the aircraft.

The aircraft did not mislead passengers: CTA

According to APPR of Canada, the aircraft must repay the passengers flight delay of three hours or more.

However, airlines do not have to pay compensation for a flight that has been delayed or suspended due to uncontrollable factors, such as inclement weather or mechanical problems found outside regular checks.

Before the new rules came into effect, some industry experts expressed concern that the aircraft could try to conceal what had delayed the flight from paying compensation.

In its investigation, the CTA said it found no evidence that the planes “deliberately misled people” by refusing to pay compensation. However, the agency said most of the information provided to passengers on reasons that delayed flights “was inadequate, concise and unambiguous.”

NOTE | The investigation was launched into the Air Travel Rights Act:

The investigation was launched into compliance with laws regarding the rights of passengers

The Canadian Transportation Agency has launched an investigation into how airlines complied with the new rules regarding passenger floods and complaints from consumers. 2:05

Kerr said he felt he was entitled to compensation because during the delay, Air Canada staff promised to receive compensation and also distributed pamphlet information.

But the plane later denied Kerr’s allegations, saying in an email that the flight was delayed due to “security issues.”

If Air Canada still refuses to grant him compensation following the CTA’s request, Kerr said he wants to stop and not continue to respond.

“After waiting for a year and a half, I’m tired of it,” he said.

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