Commission proposes 9-month vaccine validity for travel

The Commission on Thursday said that vaccinations should be valid for nine months, and that travel regulations within the bloc should be linked to the health risks of travelers, not their country.

“This means that holders of EU certificates should not be subject to certain restrictions, wherever they come from the European Union,” Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders said.

The current flow of the bloc in motion depends on the application COVID digital certificates, or “green” certificates, which confirm that the traveler was vaccinated, tested or recently ill.

As the number of cases rises again in the bloc, EU countries have been calling for guidance on how to vaccinate ‘. lack of security and an inspiring shot within that system.

Commission idea for the vaccine to be valid for nine months following the guidelines from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) that states provide a stimulating shot from six months after receiving the first vaccine, Reynders said. It also gives countries another three months to prepare for the promotion campaign.

International differences in incentives could undermine the reliability of the EU’s COVID certification system, Reynders added. In France, for example, a vaccine certificate is considered valid seven months; Italy is ready nine months as its limits.

The nations had it too called for the Commission to leave on color maps which currently forms the basis of the EU’s regulatory framework.

The map, produced by the ECDC, based on the prevalence of EU regional diseases, testing and the number of HIV-positive tests and is used by countries to establish possible sanctions such as isolation or testing.

The commission did not consider eliminating color maps but suggested a change in location so that risk assessment of areas did not take into account the number of tests, as well as the reasons for vaccination.

“This means that people who are vaccinated are better protected against the virus – even if they are not,” he said.

The idea comes at a critical juncture – cases of coronavirus are on the rise across Europe, with medical reports and ICU units flooding with new cases. ECDC Director Andrea Ammon he warned Wednesday that unless governments tighten their grip on public health, the blocyo would be a difficult time for the December-Januaryware holiday.

The new procedures, which still need to be approved by member states, are effective from January 10.

Strict rules for non-EU countries

Reynders said the Commission has not yet decided how long the supplement should be valid, but that it is looking into evidence of a weakened immune system over time. He also said that the Commission wants to extend the requirements of the COVID certification by next summer.

The nine-month approval of the first vaccine also applies to travelers from non-US countries.

Recent EU initiatives stop unnecessary travel from outside the EU but provide opportunities for vaccinated travelers and people traveling from a country that appears to be safe, regardless of whether they are vaccinated.

But the Commission decided to quit list non-EU countries that have been considered safe since March. After that date, travelers will be allowed to enter the EU only for their vaccination or recovery, rather than for epidemics in their country of origin.

Brussels says EU governments should continue to allow entry of vaccinated and receiving COVID-19 recipients within 180 days of their departure – but should also receive a World Health Organization vaccine; something that is in the EU to choose.

However, unless a travel vaccine is re-recognized by the European Medicines Agency, states should also seek proof of PCR testing before travel, the Commission said.

The idea can be seen as an extension of the rules, “because we are asking anyone who comes in for an unwanted trip to get vaccinated,” said Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson. But it could also make the rules more obvious to travelers, he added, and that frequent changes to the EU’s safety list could be difficult to follow.

EU countries are discussing new ideas this evening. If they agree, it will be up to EU governments to decide if they want to adopt these new methods.

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