Clank: Celtics 4-of-42 from 3, drop third straight

BOSTON – An old adage about the NBA is that, at its most basic, it is a league of fiction or failure. If there has been a game that proves to be true, a LA Clippers91-82 success on Boston Celtics at TD Garden Wednesday night was like that.

Boston (16-19), who has now lost three in a row and four in his last five games, had one of the worst shooting games not only this season, but a recent memory, when Boston fired 4-for-42 from. 3-points – plus the most missed shots – by losing the second game straight to the very short team.

“I think so,” he said Jaylen Brown, who scored 30 points but scored 13-for-36 in the game, when asked if shooting, good or bad, could be contagious. “We missed a lot of shots, and I think we had a relaxed look.

“We moved the ball and we found … I know they were playing in the zone, but we had a really big shot, I felt it. The look was open. And it didn’t go down.”

Numbers, even to some extent, help him. Here are the details, courtesy of ESPN Stats & Information Research:

  • Celtics 4-for-42 games from 3-points were the second worst ever with a team shooting at least 40 3s (following 4-for-45 play by players. Houston Rockets on Feb. 28 of last season).

  • Boston went 1-for-18 in the fourth quarter, plus missing the last 15 points in 3 games.

  • Boston have 82 points in a 101-goal scoring streak which is the lowest in a game that has scored at least 100 goals since the 3-point line was established in the 1979-80 season.

  • Boston’s 4-for-39 performance on catch-and-shoot 3-pointers is the worst night ever for any team to hold – and shooting since Second Spectrum started using data in the 2013-14 season, using at least 35. tests. In addition to tonight’s game, there have been 482 games, and the Boston Wednesday night game was the last.

  • The difference between the actual Boston goal (36.63) and the expected goal (56.68) was 19.95 – the worst sign that any team has ever played in any game this season.

  • Brown scored 36 goals without the support of any player since the former Celtic Antoine Walker fired heavily in the Wizards’ defeat on Jan. 7, 1998. That said, Brown also had eight assistants – tied for most players this season in a game that ended without any real assistants.

In a nutshell: The Celtics got tons of open, excellent quality – and missed almost all of them.

None of this, however, reverses the fact that Boston has now abandoned back-to-back games for teams that have been damaged by injuries and COVID-19. The Clippers were so short that they had two players arrive in Boston hours before the game – plus James Ennis, who played in the win. Brooklyn Nets Monday in Los Angeles – to list.

The loss comes from Boston in three of 10 ways in the Eastern Conference and Atlanta Hawks and Toronto Raptors. Most importantly, it left them looking for answers on how to get out of the funk that posted the latest episode in the most stressful month of their careers elsewhere.

“I think we looked good, even if the numbers were,” Brown said. “I don’t think we were forcing the shot. I thought we had a lot of open appearances that didn’t go down.

“I think it’s a sad time because we wanted to respond to the last game. Most of the guys came out ready to fight, and we’re just about to.

“We came f — would shorten.”

Contrary to the game Brown cited – Monday’s loss of the Timberwolves short, one of the worst offenses in the Boston season – coach Ime Udoka said there were good things that could take him away from how his team did.

Boston smashed the Clippers in the glass, grabbing 21 rebounds and recording 20 rebounds. The Celtics only turned eight, compared to 16 for the Clippers, and kept LA up to 91 points.

But it wasn’t enough to deal with the nightmare of a nightmare – which plunged Boston in the far East, another frustrating night in full force.

“We hit 20 more, and we hold the team up to 91 points … that’s a game we have to win,” said Udoka.

Or, if Grant Williams posted: “I think shooting is something we should have a good time with, I think.”

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