Christiane Taubira joins France's presidential race in bid to rally divided left

Published on: 15/01/2022 – 13:08

Former French justice minister Christiane Taubira on Saturday announced his intention to unite the French left-wing faction and challenge President Emmanuel Macron in the April presidential election, but he is facing a number of rivals who do not want to relinquish power.

“I commit myself here before you because I am sharing what you want with a different kind of government,” Taubira told Lyon officials at the event. to officially launch his campaign.

Taubira, the minister of justice in the 2012 to 2017 regime of Socialist President François Hollande, slammed “high power and lack of dialogue” under Macron and vowed to fight for higher wages, better conditions for students and students and health. service and environmental protection.

Taubira, 69, was born in French South America, Guiana, where he served as an MP. He is praised on the left for fighting for a law recognizing the sale of slaves as a crime against humanity, and for guiding same-sex marriage in the 2013 law books as a minister of justice.

“We will do it all together, because that is what we can do,” he told a group of excited people who were posting placards reading “By Taubira”.

But she is in danger of becoming one of the six candidates search for votes in about 30 percent of dependent voters on the left.

From the Jean-Luc Mélenchon fire – the highest voter turnout for JDD weekly about 10 percent – to Greens MP Yannick Jadot and Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo at 6.5 and 3.5 percent.

A January survey showed that Taubira had about 4.5 percent support.

“If in some way we can reconcile a left-back reformer, then his choice could be reversed,” says political analyst Thomas Guénolé. told FRANCE 24 Monday, when he quickly warned: “Yet, without unity, he will be the only thing left in the ‘Balkanized’ (and hopeless) group.

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On the right, three opponents – independent Valerie Pécresse, right-wing Marine Le Pen and TV presenter Éric Zemmour – are hoping to take Macron, who is in second place in the election.

Although he did not say who he was, the president himself enjoys the highest number of votes in one in four votes.

Taubira’s aides say they have the power to cause “anxiety” among the left wing, which has been the biggest loss since the end of left-wing politics since Macron’s victory in 2017.

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The former minister “wants to be a solution to the tiredness of the voters on the left, who can no longer be divided,” said Christian Paul, a Taubira supporter and mayor of the small town of Lormes in central France.

One tool Taubira has gambled on is the so-called “People’s Primary” of about 120,000 voters who will be selected as left-wing winners.

But when Taubira promised to honor the results, some officials refused to register.

(FRANCE 24 and AFP)

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