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Ukraine and Russia: what we have seen in the past
© Reuters. The Ukrainian national anthem is on the trail of the apparatus window of the Ukrainian immigration center in the valleys of Borodianka, in the territory of Kiev, Ukraine on 13 May 2022. REUTERS / Vladyslav Musiienko


(Reuters) – Russie presses the press release to control the region of the Donbass region, repeats the decision in the military base of the mois for the Azovstal de Marioupol and the election is an offensive majeure on the territorial rest of the ukrainien region in the province of Louhansk.


* The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the rest of the world are working for the forces of the United States to take part in the Azovstal Activity in Marioupol.

* The warmth of the avoclaré avoir détruit is an important cargaison of the occult in the region of Jintomyr, in the far north of Kiev, on the shores of the Mississipal Kalibr lancés par la mer. Reuters has not yet released a report on the report, which is the latest in a series of recent missiles of carcass stakes in ODessa on the cusp of the Black Sea and the rest of the European Union Su-25 and 14 drones.


* American President Joe Biden signed a four-year project worth of $ 40 million dollars in Ukraine from the cadre of efforts to renovate the militant south of the Russian Federation, to the next Maison Blanche.

* The president of the United States Volodymyr Zelenskiy has proposed a vendor un accord formel with the highest bid to pay a fair compensation for the domestics which forces forces to pass the law.

* The Ministries of the Finances and the Gathering of the Central Banks of the Democratic Republic of the Democratic Republic of the United States are 19.8 million dollars for Ukraine and the Sunday in the interest of the world.

* Erdogan, President Erdogan, is the only paramilitary person in Finland on Saturday, but he still maintains a strong anti-diplomatic and diplomatic missions in OTAN on the history of the group of members of the group that Ankara considers to be a terrorist group. .


* Le Gazse Gazprom (MCX inter’s interrogates the export of gas from Finland to other countries, the operator of the gas station finlandais, to the extent that it differs from the negotiations on the eveées pays occidentaux.

* La Russie is currently on a two-day international visit to the Tent of the United States, which is one of the main centers of the Ukrainian invasion.


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