‘Causes Massive Blood Clots’: Houston Woman Charged In the Death of St. Louis Mother of Three Following Botched Surgical Procedure

Lisa Fernandez, a self-proclaimed consultant in Houston, Texas, was arrested last week for driving under the influence. inject buttocks silicone to the wife of St. Louis who later died of complications as a result of the procedure.

According to KHOU-TV, Fernandez was accused of murder after being arrested last Tuesday, Nov. 16, in the wake of the 2018 death of Marja McClendon, after critics claimed the 38-year-old left St. Louis. April 24, 2018.

McClendon reportedly complained after he fell ill after the procedure and asked for a refund for Fernandez, but the 47-year-old reportedly refused. Unable to recover, the deceased mother returned the next day for a second injection.

Lisa Fernandez of Houston, Texas, is charged with the death of St. John’s mother of three. Photo: photo / FOX 26 Houston YouTube Website

According to media reports, an unidentified witness told authorities that the so-called counselor retired several times during the whole period because McClendon was in so much pain. He is said to have difficulty breathing and began to cough up blood.

McClendon went to the emergency room, but is said to have left before completing his exam, according to court documents obtained by KHOU-TV. After returning home to Missouri, she went to Saint Louis University Hospital where she died on April 30, 2018. Medical examiners found that the woman had died of “silicone pulmonary embolism,” which is a blockage of blood vessels.

McClendon’s uncles Calvin Arnold he tells ABC13, a mother of three, “loved her children.” He added, “He was a friendly, fun-loving person and loved his family.”

US Food and Drug Administration he says that “silicone injections are stable and live in your body.” Dr. Matthew Greives, and Uthealth Houston / Memorial, explained that the silicon was not approved by the organization because it “travels through your bloodstream to your heart and lungs and causes high blood pressure. And it is made of silicon in your lungs and is usually deadly.”

Two of McClendon’s children are now being cared for by his sister, Deshonna Arnold. “I am the mother, the aunt, and all of the above. It has been very difficult, ”he told reporters, before saying that it was not the first time his sister had undergone such an operation.

“He already did it, in Houston. This was not the first time around, but it seems he was the last one, ”he added.

Fernandez was linked to McClendon’s death after he confessed to his actions and later admitted he had no license when he was arrested for driving without a license last week. He said he had been doing this illegally in his home since 2004, critics said. The Harris County District Attorney pleaded with other people affected by Fernandez to come.

“We are concerned – because this is the case when receiving injections for the buttocks – that there may be others who are being abused. We encourage anyone who receives an injection in the buttocks,” Harris County District Assistant Assistant Nancy Ta told a news conference.

Fernandez appeared in court on the day of her arrest, when a judge granted her $ 40,000 bail and ordered her not to do anything without a medical or cosmetic license. He was denied a personal bond. The FDA says it launched an investigation into Fernandez’s allegations.

McClendon’s uncle Calvin Arnold warned others not to take this method for cosmetic purposes.

“It simply came to our notice then. It is not necessary. I tell everyone who listens. It is not right to take advantage of the fact that something is wrong with your body that can ruin your life. ”

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