Can you drink alcohol after having the Covid vaccine?

CAN you drink alcohol after receiving a Covid vaccine? That is the question on the lips of many young people.

The jab program is open to all UK officials, and everyone can be encouraged to get vaccinated.


Millions of Brits have now received a jab to protect them in the Covid-19[/caption]

Naturally, when people set aside their most important moment, they may want to raise a glass and toast to their first jab.

But after taking the medicine or medicines are advised not to take them alcohol.

As a result, we are seeing how alcohol can affect the way alcohol works vaccine and…

Can I drink alcohol after receiving a Covid vaccine?

Experts say that alcohol can make a difference in your life health either before or after having a vaccine.

Some alcohol-dependent organizations recommend discontinuing the drug two weeks after vaccination.

Prof Fiona Sim, of the University of Bedfordshire and chairman of the Independent Medical Advisory Board of Drinkware, said: “We advise you not to drink alcohol … two weeks after vaccination, to make sure your immune system is healthy. Vaccination and protection. ”

Russian astronomer Alexander Gintsburg, head of the Moscow National Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, said that people should not drink alcohol after any injection.

He said New Scientist“We recommend that you abstain from alcohol for at least three days after each injection.”

The Gintsburg Society developed the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, but its techniques are widely used.

Can I drink alcohol before receiving a Covid vaccine?

According to Prof Sim people should avoid drinking “at least” two days before vaccination.

Paul Klenerman at Oxford University said there is no evidence to prove the progress of your jab, but there is no problem being careful.

He states: “There is no doubt that alcohol abuse can affect many aspects of the body’s immune system.

“What is not clear is that if a small amount of money can have any problem [real-life settings].

“The reason is clear and you can be very careful and avoid it. Different countries can offer different advice.”


Experts advise not to drink alcohol for two days before drinking alcohol[/caption]

How does alcohol affect the immune system?

Research into how alcohol affects the human body’s response Covid-19 disease The vaccine is still being monitored and evaluated.

In many cases, the results are more obvious in their own right excessive drinking.

There is some evidence to suggest that drinking, in particular severe intoxication, can reduce your body’s ability to build resilient defenses against the virus.

Dr Gintsburg said: “It is important to understand that alcohol abuse can severely weaken the immune system and thus reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine or make it less effective.”

He also said that too much alcohol “inhibits antibodies”, which are proteins in the blood that help fight the virus.

“Also, this is true not of Sputnik V, and every other vaccine. ”

It is well-known that too much alcohol weakens the immune system, as alcohol can cause infections.

Dr Sim said: “If you are an alcoholic, you are more likely to get sick if you form a contract. Covid-19 disease they are very expensive, so please save your vaccination time if you have been given one.

“Alcohol abuse lowers the body’s immune system, especially in respiratory infections, including Covid-19.”

He added: “And if you are infected with Covid-19, please do not drink alcohol until you recover, to protect the immune system, and to reduce the risk of chronic liver disease.”

The AstraZeneca vaccine contains “very small” alcohol on its list, insufficient to cause “obvious consequences”, according to Government guidelines.

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