| Boris Johnson risks losing control of angry MPs after weeks of sleaze and rebellions, sources say

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses Prime Minister’s questions on November 17, 2021.

UK Parliament / Jessica Taylor

  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s control over his MPs is declining after a number of shortcomings.
  • One of Tory’s MPs told Insider weeks ago of his “goals” that had shaken the party.
  • Experts say this needs to work harder for his government to prevent further divisions.
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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is battling growing tensions within his party after a number of shortcomings that may have undermined his ability to lead.

The Prime Minister distinguished many Conservative backbenchers from following a number of dangerous weeks, which included:

“It’s been three or four weeks,” Tory MP told Insider. The MP was not named in order to speak openly about the party’s problems.

“Most of it, frankly, was your goal and not anything more important. That’s the fun thing about this.”

MP was one in twelve who failed to vote this week in support of Johnson’s opposing humanitarian goals, though strict instructions from party leaders to support the measures.

The Conservatives changed plans at the last minute. He still passed through parliament, but with a narrow margin of 26 votes given the majority of 80 Tory parliamentary votes.

This inconsistency has been widely interpreted as further evidence of a Downing Street operation that does not have the potential to plan for the future or detect impending danger.

“Failure is one of the most important institutions,” said Anand Menon, a professor of European politics and foreign affairs at King’s College London.

“One of the things that has been most interesting is the way things have been going at eleven o’clock – you have seen this and the change in human rights laws.

“From the outside, it gives the impression of chaos Number 10 where there is not enough preparation, not enough time to talk to those who are backing down from what is happening, and make it easier for them in advance.”

The MP Insider echoed these sentiments, saying their frustration was at Number 10, not the whiplash or Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Speaker of the House, who is involved in the voting process and is attracting others.

“We know what kind of person Boris is and why he needs something that pays for him and we don’t have it yet,” he said.

Number 10 requires “initial management, organization, foresight on upcoming pitfalls, difficult decisions to be made,” he said.

There is real outrage from many Conservative MP members over recent political irregularities, especially in an effort to save Tory grande Owen Paterson from being suspended for attempting to violate Commons law.

The move led to Paterson resigning, several apologies from the ministers, and a dramatic turnaround when it became clear that the move was unfortunate.

One MP, Christian Wakeford, admitted this week calling Paterson a “cunt” during voting, and told Times Radio later his language was a symbol of “quantum anger in the party.”

Not everyone agrees. One MP elected in 2001 who spoke to Insider reduced the depth of what has happened recently. He further added that he saw “minor problems” as coming, and said the Tory MP “left the room with confidence” after the Prime Minister’s Question on Wednesday.

Tory’s dissatisfaction is not enough for any of Johnson’s political rivals to bring up the current leadership crisis. But the question is whether his political economy is now better or worse. Some of these will undermine Johnson’s performance against Labor in the upcoming elections.

A number of surveys conducted in November showed that Labor has benefited significantly from Conservatives in recent weeks, and some votes put them ahead of the Tories.

Chris Curtis, Opinium’s chief research officer, told Insider that the biggest threat to Johnson is that the economic downturn next year and beyond could tarnish the Conservatives’ reputation as the most reliable party in the economic recovery.

“The Conservative Party, which is seen as economically ineffective, is not an elected Conservative party. It will not succeed unless it appears to have economic potential,” he said.

The lawmaker, who described the government’s recent weeks as “dangerous”, said there was a risk that the Conservative party would lose its political affiliation in Labor and it would not start again. “The danger is,” they said.

The perpetual devastation of Johnson’s recent mistakes will not be people but the ones who are backsliding.

To fix this, says Anand Menon, Johnson needs to be very careful. “Shake hands, sit in the tea rooms, talk to the MPs, listen to their concerns.”

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