Bürgergeld: So unterscheidet sich der Ampel-Vorschlag von Hatz IV

The new “Bürgergeld” will replace Hartz IV in the future. t-internet explains what needs to be changed with a traffic light system and how big the difference is with the existing system.

No words are mentioned, and they say a lot. Leaders of the SPD, Greens and FDP spoke for about 40 minutes Wednesday on the issue of alliance – and did not mention what would be missing from any campaign success: so-called citizens’ money, successor. until modern Hartz IV.

what happened there?

In fact, before the election, the SPD is actually planning to defeat Hartz IV. For years the party fought for itself. The SPD leader resigned during the election Saskia Esken in the case of “taz”, the new citizen’s permit must be “sufficient” and recalculated. Although green attracted by the high interest rates of unemployment II – and also mentioned someone else in the election: an extra 50 euros should be paid.

After to choose so it was only natural that there would be an increase in profits for the unemployed. The question was instead: from how much money he could afford Parties selling combinations as well?

But now that the union’s position is in place, this is not the case, according to Holger Schäfer, an economist at the Institute of Germany Economy (IW). “First of all, Bürgergeld is a new name for Hartz IV,” he told t-online.

Charity is over Rules: “I’m very disappointed”

Because when you look at the alliance of the three groups, what is also visible here is what is not mentioned – meaning higher prices.

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Ulrich Schneider realized this immediately. In an interview with t-online, Paritätischer General Manager Wohlfahrtverband said: “Citizens’ money was not the hope of defeating Hartz IV.” In its organization, among other things, organizations such as the children’s charity, community organization or local food banks are affiliated. “We are very disappointed that nothing has changed with the standard,” Schneider continued.

Ulrich Schneider, General Manager of Paritätische Gesamtverband (Source: Der Paritätische Gesamtverband)

He is not alone in this. Many who did not work for a long time were hoping to raise wages based on election campaign promises. Criticism is now widespread, as well as from education. Martin Seeleib-Kaiser, Professor of Social Policy at the University of Tübingen, told t-online: “The fact that the number of cars is not increasing due to traffic light is disappointing because it is not enough to eradicate the most frequently used poverty – the recipients in Poverty Alleviation.” This is particularly dangerous due to the current rise in prices, which is also reflected in the food diets “and has a significant impact on the groups”.

Currently, group recipients receive 446 euros per month, in January 2022 the amount will increase by three euros according to the law. Welfare CEO Ulrich Schneider wants “a change in the standard requirements for up to 600 euros”.

The SPD wanted to secede from Hartz to change

All of these statements should be heard again in the coming days between the coalition, especially among the Social Democrats. You were alone under your chancellor at the time Gerhard Schröderwho pushed for Hartz reform.

Since then, Hartz IV has been associated in many ways with the cold and the cold. Although the Greens were part of the government at the time – and the Union also supported the change – this is simply called the SPD. And this often explains the negative effects they have had over the years. This is why it seemed so important for the party to make a real departure from Hartz IV.

The change, which is being considered by the SPD, Greens and FDP, however, is a bit like a reversal – but it has also been approved. IW economist Holger Schäfer, for example, finds the term “Bürgergeld”, which the union members originally agreed upon, much better than the burdened “Hartz IV”.

The opportunity to earn extra money should be a good one

In addition, there are positive changes on a smaller scale, as Seeleib-Kaiser ethics scientist says. For example, electricity promises to increase the chances of earning extra money, although it is not clear how this should look.

Also that the size of the affected rooms is not measured in the first two years (such as during plague what has already been done) should be carefully evaluated: “Depending on the workplace, it appears that there has been a very strong response in the past – and the fatal consequences for those affected,” says Seeleib-Kaiser. For example, those who got a job had to leave their house, since it was a few square feet[2 sq m].

IW Schäfer economist also appreciates the changes. With increased access to additional funding and higher quality of care, the needs of the middle class will be met. They also see reductions in regulatory oversight through low-cost practices – for example, reimbursement of bills instead of personal accounting – to be prudent.

On the other hand, he opposes other changes, such as the abolition of the priority of mediation. The goal should remain to ensure that people are included in the labor market, Schäfer said. Therefore, they feel the need to continue in harmony.

Whether the financial implications of these new citizens are different from what the previous Hartz IV is still looking at, says professor of sociology Seeleib-Kaiser. Because reforms that integrate different social benefits – including citizen benefits – should not be done by an organization. “This means: We do not know what the citizens’ income will look like,” says Seeleib-Kaiser.

Moratorium pa Penalties: “The right path”

This is especially true when it comes to penalties: There has often been criticism that group recipients may be reduced at times. Other than that, pre-existing security is less important, so it is not worth paying for it at all. The Federal Constitutional Court sees the same, he thought that such disciplinary action is illegal.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why car lights now stop accidents for a year. “Suspending sanctions is the right approach,” said Schneider. After all, there has to be what is called a cohesive role.

Right now there are a lot of requirements for Hartz IV recipients: They need to be available in the workplace, save time, explain their financial status. This collective bargaining agreement exposes what happens if the “joint obligation” is not fulfilled. So maybe in the end there will be penalties with a new name.

Green youth: “Inhumaman Hartz IV system”

Green Youth spokeswoman Sarah-Lee Heinrich, at a show in November.  (Source: imago / teutopress images)Green Youth spokeswoman Sarah-Lee Heinrich, at a show in November. (Source: teutopress / imago images)

However, in the meantime, the SPD and Greens youth organizations could pressure them: reforming the Hartz IV system was necessary for both of them even before the election. To Green Youth spokeswoman Sarah-Lee Heinrich, it is “Hartz IV’s brutal system”.

“As long as interest rates do not increase, life at Hartz IV remains relatively low and there is no security,” he told t-online. Anyone who really wants to deal with the “development crisis” needs to make sure that the government really takes the people who are in it – it is not the case. This can save lives in a sense “for the poorest of the poor,” says Heinrich, who grew up in Hartz IV.

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