Brother Nathanael and Anna Netrebko Sing Russian Crooner Classic – 'Moscow Nights'! (Video)

The author grew up Jewish in New York City, converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity, and became a monk.

He describes his ministry as ‘street preaching’, and it often appears between Manhattan and Washington DC against US hostility toward Russia. He is very successful YouTube video with over 35 million views and 130,000 subscribers, and maintaining a so-called page RealJewNews.

He speaks out strongly against the Jewish influence that is pushing against Russia. He tells the story of his life, and how he came to believe in his modern beliefs its YouTube channel.

When we first got to know Bro ‘Nat’s videos a few years ago, we found that his posting was’ strange’, so we passed them by, while regretting that he was often right. Since then we have had the pleasure of meeting him, having been in contact, and being able to prove that he is a very good person.

We have looked again, and we must admit that he is very accurate, and has made many followers, so that he does not pass again. You can see it all his notes on RI here.

It cannot be denied again. Brother Nat is actually doing God’s work, exposing serpents and liars and speaking the truth with force – modern Isaiah.

Listen to what they took from Russia’s “Moscow Nights”, where they tore up the Neocons, (Podmoskovnie Vechera), which is a major part of Russian karaoke games. Surprisingly, the Russian people, like their Asian neighbors, LOVE karaoke.

It’s a good song. Watch the video below of Russian singers Dmitry Khvorostovsky and Anna Netrebko singing outside the Kremlin walls a few years ago.

All of Brother Nat’s kind words below.

Another link to Brother Nat.

I had such a dream the other night
I dreamed that I was on a journey in the famous Red Square;
Then three men in rags appeared
In the most beautiful night of Moscow.

Then three men in rags appeared
In the most beautiful night of Moscow.

When I came out, I recognized the men
Graham, McCain, and Marco Rubio;
It gave me such a start under the rising moon
Tonight that would not end soon.

It gave me such a start under the rising moon
Tonight that would not end soon.

McCain had become a shiva for Sheldon Adelson
Graham was wearing pink underwear;
But Rubio spoke in Spanish you know
Then he turned to me and said:

“I eat Matzah balls while Norman Braman sings
I stopped eating burritos a long time ago. “

Suddenly, the men disappear
Then the Holy Basil, the Fool of Christ, appeared;
He whispered in my ear, The Kingdom of God is at hand
But those men are unworthy of the Moscow night.

He whispered in my ear, The Kingdom of God is at hand
But those men are not fit for Moscow at night.

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