British cargo vessel blocked in French port as fishing rights row escalates

French fishermen have closed the boat at the port of St Malo this morning as they embark on a day of demonstrations on fishing rights after Brexit.

According to Reuters, a train from Jersey on the Normandy Trader was banned from ports in Brittany.

There are also plans for fishermen to shut down Channel Tunnel is the port of Calais later today.

The Normandy Trader was banned from leaving the port of France this morning

Conflict exists between French fishermen who want the UK to issue more fishing rights in British waters than Westminster says it later agreed.Brexit trade agreement.

In order for the permit to be issued, fishermen must demonstrate that they have worked in UK water in recent years.

Some of those on the French side have not been able to provide evidence – which could also give them access to water around the Crown Dependency of Jersey.

The same agreement applies to the operation of British ships in French waters.

French authorities briefly seized a British fishing boat in its waters last month and returned it to one of their ports.

The scallop ship Kornelis finally was is allowed to leave the port of Le Havre.

Commenting on the current situation, Gerard Romiti, president of the National Maritime Fisheries Committee, said: “This is a testament to the quality and ability of skilled fishers to come together in response to UK abuses, insults and humiliation.”

A Downing Street spokesman said the government was “upset by the threat of protests”.

He added: “It will be a matter for France to ensure that there are no restrictions and that trade is not affected. We continue to monitor the situation.”

This was not the first time that French fishermen had taken direct action.

In April, they blocked trucks transporting fish from British waters to production facilities France.

And the British navy sent two patrol boats in May while French ships blocked the port of Saint Helier in Jersey.

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The conflict comes as the UK and French governments seek to find solutions to the problems it poses 27 Channel died Wednesday.

A Port of Dover spokesman said he was aware of the potential for “a short period of turmoil in France”.

He added: “The port will be open for business as usual, and has tried and tested plans that could address the temporary disruption of road operations if any.

“We encourage all traveling customers to spend more time on their trip and to consult with their chosen boatman to keep abreast of the latest developments.”

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