Boris Johnson urges French and EU deals to halt migrant channel crossings

Boris Johnson volunteered to work “more and more quickly” with France and the EU trying to stop undocumented migrants crossing the English Channel, in the aftermath. many drowned to get to the UK

Mu a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, published late Thursday, the British prime minister called for more cooperation with Paris and Brussels on the return of refugees to the coast of England.

“The EU has agreements to repatriate countries including Belarus and the Russian Federation; I hope that such an agreement can soon be achieved by the United Kingdom,” Johnson wrote in a letter to European Council President Charles Michel.

In anticipation of such an agreement, Johnson called on Macron to take action to return “to allow all migrants crossing the Channel to be repatriated.”

He added that “this could have immediate consequences and could significantly reduce – if not stop – crossing, saving lives by breaking the business practices of terrorists.”

The UK post-Brexit border plans its aim is to repatriate migrants who they consider safe to enter the UK, as well as to establish coastal shelters for asylum seekers. However, these plans rely on finding international friends who want to take people back home, and they have been struggling to get help.

Johnson – who is being pressured to reduce travel to Britain – has repeatedly called on UK and French commuters to “prevent more boats from leaving the French coast,” and spoke of the prospect of a more cohesive and strategic partnership.

France on Thursday invited Belgian, German, Dutch and British ministers – as well as representatives of the European Commission – to a meeting on Sunday at the Calais Channel to discuss the issue.

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