Boosie Goes Off On Man, Defending A Female Hotel Employee In Viral Clip: “I Will Beat Yo Ass!”

Boosie Goes Off On Man, Defending A Female Hotel Employee In Viral Clip: “I Will Beat Yo Ass!”

Boosie has gone viral for countless reasons, but this time he has fans giving him props!

Boosie Badazz was caught on video earlier this afternoon (June 23rd) stepping in to defend a woman, who was seen getting berated by a man outside of a hotel. It is not clear what the incident stemmed from, but Boosie immediately stepped in and aired his grievances out to the man in question.

The rapper was seen stepping up to the man, saying “I’m a man” before going off in defense of the woman, who was wearing what seemed to be a hotel employee uniform.

“I will beat your ass! You ain’t gon ‘talk to her like that, I will beat your ass if you talk to me like that. You don’t gon ‘disrespect no woman like that bro. ”

Boosie then tried his hand at rectifying the situation, saying:

“Everybody’s saying their sorry. Let her go bro, she’s telling you she’s sorry. Everybody’s saying they’re sorry and you’re still messing with her. ”

The man was then calm and ended up trying to walk away soon after. Boosie and his crew were surrounding the altercation and avoided any further escalations. One of his crew members could be seen in the background winding his arm up, seemingly prepared to defend Boosie and company.

Boosie Badazz

Fans on the internet gave Boosie Badazz his props for handling the situation, especially after he tweeted his reasonings for why he stepped in.

Boosie told his followers that the man was “doing the most” and kept coming at the woman he defended. People in the replies all shared how impressed they were at his reaction the incident:

One fan tried to predict what could have been:

These fans mentioned the crew member ready to swing in the background:

What do you think about Boosie going off? Let us know in the comments below!

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