Boat Latest Smartwatches in India 2021(November)

The boat is a well-known brand in the minds of audio lovers. They have also placed their feet in the world of smart wearables and became one of the top brand brands. Here, we are with a list that provides the information about all the Boat latest smartWatches in India 2021.

Each product provided here has full information about the Watch. So, at the end of this particular page, you can figure out the best Watch under your preferred price tag. Here is the newly launched boat smartwatches price list in India 2021.

BoAt Watch Mystiq Smartwatch

Looking what’s new? Well, boAt’s all-new Watch Mystiq has just arrived in the market for ₹4,279 on the Amazon site. What’s different regarding this smartwatch is that it has the new HIIT Mode (which is high-intensity interval training).

Specifications and Features of BoAt Mystiq Smartwatch

Brand name boAt
Model name Watch Mystiq
Display size 1.57 inches
Dial shape Square
Product dimension 16 x 4 x 2 cm
Bluetooth version 5.0
Touch screen Yes
Batteries Included Yes
Music and camera control Yes
Sleep monitor Yes
Scratch resistant No
Battery backup 7 days
Warranty 1 year
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Detailed information about the features of the BoAt Mystiq Smartwatch

  • A square-shaped dial Mystiq smartwatch is designed with a full touch screen option, including a 1.57 HD display.
  • By having various modes of sports, Mystiq helps you in 17 different fitness activities. 
  • The watch is designed with a prolonged battery time of nearly 7 days. It has an automatic mode to turn on the brightness in your smartwatch.
  • It has many sensors that operate efficiently in taking utmost care of your health like blood oxygen and stress levels, heart rate, and even SpO2 monitors.
  • Don’t into your phone, rather look into your Mystiq smartwatch to see instant updates on notifications.
  • Change your smartwatch’s face and themes according to your attitude and vibe. The cloud-based plethora makes it possible. Show off your Mystiq to the world!

boAt Xplorer O2 Smartwatch

Do you wish to sweat more and get back on track with your fitness routines? For that, you will need the latest boAt Xplorer O2 Smartwatch. It monitors and additionally tracks your sessions. Thereby keeping you motivated and informed about your well-being.

Specifications and Features of boAt Xplorer O2 Smartwatch

Sales Package A Smart Watch, Warranty Card, USB Charging Cable (Magnetic), User Manual 
Bluetooth Version 4.2
Display Size 1.3 inches
Dial Shape Square
Battery Life Up to 7 days
Rechargeable Battery Yes
Step Count Yes
Monitoring Heart rate Yes
Water resistant Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Call Function No
Notifications Call and text
Fitness Features Running (both indoor & outdoor), Walking (both indoor & outdoor), Cycling, Cricket, Swimming, Hiking, Yoga, Spinning Bike, Elliptical trainer, Rowing machine 
Check recent price Check Price on Boat Website

Detailed information about the features of boAt Xplorer O2 Smartwatch

  • The square display of the boAt Xplorer O2 watch is 1.3 inches and curved shape in the corners. And it displays all the expected notifications on the screen.
  • There are sensors to track your health like heart rate, menstrual cycle, fitness, sleep. Plus, it has guided meditative sessions.
  • Designed with 8 sports modes and cloud watch faces, you can customize many such things.
  • Your sleep is well-monitored, and it also tracks your menstrual cycle and lets you know.
  • When you leave outside, monitor the weather from your wrist as the smartwatch shows live weather forecasts too.
  • You can venture out wherever you want and still return safely. Because this smartwatch has GPS plus its 5 ATM water-resistant feature takes care of your smartwatch. So you don’t need to take care of the smartwatch. Instead, boAt watch Xplorer takes care of you!

boAt Zenit Smartwatch

This just in, boAt has announced the boAt Zenit smartwatch. It is said to be a triumph against all its competitors with its high functionality and modest pricing of just ₹1,999 on Amazon.

Specs and Feature highlighted on the boAt Zenit Smartwatch

General Features Features in boAt Zenit Smartwatch
Display 1.3 Inches IPS Display
Display Shape Circular
Water-Resistant IPS 67
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.0
Sports Modes 7 Sports Modes Available
Customizable Watch Faces 100+ Watch Faces Available
Wifi Function No
GPS Function No
Dust Proof Yes
Sweat Proof Yes
Heart Monitoring Yes
Sp02 (Blood Oxgen) Monitoring Yes
Sleep Monitor Yes
Other Modes (If Any) Theatre Mode
Build-in-Games Yes (Young Bird Game)
Battery Capacity 7 Days with a Single Charge
Works with Android and IOS Yes
Call Function Yes
Notifications Yes
Music Control Yes
Goal Setting Option Yes
Calorie Count Yes
Pedometer Yes
Weather Forecast Yes (Informs 6 Days’ Weather in Advance)
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
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Description of the Features of boAt Zenit Smartwatch

  • Enjoy the unique feature of theatre mode that reduces screen brightness and mutes all notifications.
  • You can even tackle moments of boredom with the build-in-game feature in this smartwatch and play simple games like Young Bird.
  • It also gives users the freedom to express themselves with its 100+ customizable watch faces.
  • With Sp02 monitoring, Sleep monitoring, Calorie counter, and Heart monitoring, the Zenit acts as your own personal medical professional.
  • I would recommend that you read our article on Tagg latest smartwatches in India for more information.

The boAt Zenith Smartwatch is worth your money since it’s almost indestructible with its IP67 Water Resistance, Dust Proof, and Sweat Proof capabilities.


boAt Vertex Smartwatch

boAt, the leading brand for quality tech products within a budget price, has introduced the boAt Vertex Smartwatch. It is currently available to purchase on Flipkart and boAt official website for ₹2,500. It’s one of the best available smartwatches with an Sp o2 monitor under ₹3,000.

Specs and Features highlighted on the boAt Vertex Smartwatch

General Features Features in boAt Vertex Smartwatch
Display 1.69 Inches Touchscreen Display
Water-Resistant IPS 67
Colors Available Blue, Red, Grey, and Black Strap
Bluetooth Range 10 Metres
Sports Modes 7 Sports Modes Available
Customizable Watch Faces 100+ Watch Faces Available
Dust Proof Yes
Sweat Proof Yes
Heart Rate Monitor Yes
Sp o2 (Blood Oxgen) Monitoring Yes
Sleep Tracker Yes
Guided Breathing Mode Yes
Customizable Health Ecosystem Yes
Battery Efficiency 7-10 Days with a Single Charge
Charging Type Magnetic Charging
Call Alerts Yes
Notifications Yes
Music Control Yes
Camera Control Yes
Voice Assistance Capabilities Apple Siri and Google Assistant both are applicable
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Price Quote See Best Price Available

Boat Website

 Description of the Features of boAt Vertex Smartwatch

  • This boAt watch’s Healthy Ecosystem enables consumers to create personalized fitness plans with other options such as sharing their fitness journey with friends and family. The ecosystem also schedules users’ run plans while creating a gamified interface that makes fitness fun for the consumer.
  • With the Vertex’s water-resistance, dust, and sweatproof design, the product becomes a sustainable choice for the consumer.
  • The color choices and numerous watch faces encourage users to express their artistic side and promote the notion of this smartwatch being a part of the user.

BoAt Vertex Smartwatch is in stock to purchase on Flipkart and boAt official website. 

Boat Watch Delta Smartwatch 

Top specs and features available on Boat Delta Smartwatch 

Bluetooth version 5.0
Display specs  1.29-inch 
Connectivity range  10 m 
Battery performance 7-days 
Charging system  USB magnetic charge
Themes and straps  Customizable
Activity tracking Steps, distance, calories 
Sports modes 
Tracking sports activities  Football, skipping, running, swimming, basketball, badminton, walking, cycling 
Call and message alerts Available
Health sensors  Blood oxygen, heart rate, sedentary alerts, guided breathing sessions 
Music and camera controls  Yes 
Waterproof rating IP68 
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Detailed information about the features of Boat Delta Smartwatch 

  • Enjoy the vivid visuals on the sufficiently designed 1.29-inch spherical display. Your notifications and calls will always be available on your wrist, as this Watch will display all the notifications. 
  • To fit your stylish desires, you can customize the themes of the Watch with the support of built-in themes. Further, the strap also has a standard size to swap it. 
  • Better battery backup energizes you for a week and you can do all your tracking activities.
  • Multiple sports modes help in tracking your football, skipping, running, swimming, basketball, badminton, walking, and cycling.
  • Wellness modes will always monitor your health levels with the available sensors. 
  • It is completely prevented with the IP68 ratings. 

Boat Watch Xtend Smartwatch

Specs And Highlights Of Boat Xtend Smartwatch

Bluetooth version 5.0 
Display features 1.69-inch square display
Battery performance 7-days 
Charging type  Magnetic charging
Sports modes  14 
Tracking features Outdoor running, elliptical, skipping, pool swimming, open water swimming, outdoor cycling, outdoor walking, spinning bike, rowing, indoor running, workout, outdoor cycling, outdoor walking.
Health sensors  Spo2, stress, sleep, heart rate. 
Watch themes and straps   Customizable
Controls availability Music, voice assistant, camera 
Waterproof rating  5 ATM 
Message and call notification Available
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Detailed Information About The Features Of Watch Xtend 

  • Through a large 1.69-inch screen, you will get perfect visuals with automatic brightness levels. 
  • Watch themes are customizable with the 50-multiple Watch themes. 
  • All features of the Watch would be available for 7-days on every single charge. 
  • Multiple 14-sports modes are available to track your maximum number of sports activities. 
  • Health sensors include a Spo2, stress tracker, sleep tracker, and heart rate tracker. 
  • The notification alerts will be available on calls and messages. The notification will be available on the screen with a vibration alert. 

Check Latest Price

  • It retains the support of a voice assistant that is powered by Alexa. You can check the weather forecast and make a call by commanding Alexa. 

Boat Xplorer SmartWatch 

Specs And Features Of Boat Xplorer Smart Watch 

Bluetooth version 4.2 
Display size  1.29-inches 
Battery life  7-10 days 
Charging interface Magnetic charging
Built-in GPS  Present 
Standard swappable straps  Yes
Sports modes 
Daily activity tracker  Available
Health tracking sensors  Available
Waterproof ratings  5 ATM 
Message and call notification Available
Music and camera controls  Available
Multiple Watch faces  Yes 
Check the recent price  Flipkart

Boat Website

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Detailed Features Of Boat Xplorer Smart Watch 

  • The display of this Watch is square with fully curved corners. With a decent display size of 1.29-inches, it displays all the notification on your smartphone. 
  • The health tracking sensors includes a heart rate tracker, menstrual cycle, sleep monitor, and a guided meditative session. 
  • For sports tracking, it equips 8-sports modes with a daily activity tracker. 
  • The decent battery will last for 7-8 days. It uses Bluetooth version 4.2 for connectivity.
  • You can remotely control the music and camera shutter of your paired gadget. 
  • Several Watch faces are available to fix your daily outfit. The straps are also of standard size. So, you can swap that too. 
  • The unique feature is that it has a high-precision built-in GPS to track your achievement.
  • With the availability of a 5ATM water-resistant shield, the Watch will be alive even at 50 m underwater. 

Boat Watch Storm Smartwatch

Specifications And Features Of Boat Storm(Review) Watch

Bluetooth version  4.2 
Size of the display 1.3-inches 
Battery performance 8-10 days 
Charging system Magnetic charging
Call and message alerts  Available
Multiple Watch faces  Available
Music and camera shutter controls  Yes 
Number of sports modes  9
Health tracking sensors  Available
Daily activity tracker  Yes 
Waterproof rating  5 ATM 
Check the recent price  Flipkart

Boat Website

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Detailed Specs Of Boat Watch Storm 

  • It uses the Bluetooth 4.2 version for connectivity. 
  • With a 1.3-inch display, it displays all the notification from the paired device. 
  • The display is square with fully curved corners.
  • Through an efficient battery, it offers a working time of 8-10 days.
  • A total of 9-sports modes available to track all your sports activities. 
  • The daily activity tracker also provides reports on your daily activities.
  • This Watch is packed with full health system monitoring sensors. 
  • The Heath monitoring system of this Watch includes a Spo2, menstrual cycle, sleep tracker, heart rate tracker, blood pressure, hydration, and guided meditative sessions.
  • The availability of a 5 ATM waterproof rating helps in protecting the Watch. So, even at 50 m deep inside the water, it remains active. 

Boat Watch Flash SmartWatch 

Specs And Features Of Boat Watch Flash

Bluetooth version 5
Display size 1.3-inches 
Battery performance 7-days 
Charging system Magnetic charging
Multiple Watch faces  Yes 
Swappable straps  Yes 
Music and camera shutter controls Available
Calls and message notification Available
Activity tracker  Yes 
Heath tracking sensors  Yes 
Sports modes  10 
Waterproof rating  IP68 
Check the recent price  Amazon

Boat Website

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Detailed Specs Of Boat Watch Flash 

  • With the recent Bluetooth version 5, it offers stable connectivity.
  • The display is large over 1.3-inches that gives a perfect viewing of all your notifications from the paired device. 
  • Its display is circular and it is customizable with several Watch faces. 
  • The health trackers of this Watch include a Spo2 tracker, a sleep tracker, a heart rate tracker, and guided meditative breathing.
  • It also includes the daily activity tracker that keeps you aware of your daily achievements.
  • You can stay alarmed with the help of sedentary and hydration alerts.
  • With the support of an efficient battery, it provides a working time of 7-days.
  • There are 10 sports modes available to monitor your daily sports achievements.
  • An IP68 water-resistant shield is available to protect your Watch. 

Boat Watch Enigma Smartwatch

Specs And Features Of Boat Watch Enigma

Bluetooth version 5.0 
Display size  1.54-inches 
Battery working time 15-days 
Multiple Watch faces  Yes 
Availability of swappable straps  Available
Call notifications Yes 
Message alerts  Yes 
Music and camera shutter controls  Available
Health tracking sensors  Available
Sports modes  8
Daily activity tracker  Yes 
Waterproof rating  3 ATM 
Check the recent price  Amazon

Boat Website

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Detailed Specs And Features Of Boat Watch Enigma

  • The display of this Watch is square with four curved corners. The size of the display is about 1.54 inch that will display all the notifications from your paired device.
  • With the help of a recent version of Bluetooth 5, it provides stable connectivity.
  • Its efficient battery will provide a working time of 15-days. 
  • To fit your daily outfit and your stylish requirements, it has several Watch faces and swappable straps.
  • The health tracking sensors of this watch includes a heart rate tracker, guided meditative breathing, sleep tracker, Spo2 monitor, and sedentary alerts.
  • In addition to all these health tracking sensors, it also has a daily activity tracker to track your daily achievements. 
  • A total of 8-sports modes are available to track your performance on the available sports modes.
  • The 3 ATM water-resistant rating helps in shielding your Watch from water. 

Boat ProGear B20 Smart Watch 

Specs And Features Of Boat ProGear B20 

Bluetooth version 4.0 
Battery performance 7-10 days 
Connectivity range  10 m 
Display size  2.5×1 cm 
Call notifications Available
Message notifications Yes 
Music and remote camera shutter controls  Yes 
Multiple Watch faces  Available
Swappable straps  Available
Health tracking sensors Yes 
Sports modes  14 
Waterproof ratings  IP68 
Daily activity tracker Yes 
Check the recent price  Amazon

Boat Website

Detailed Specs Of Boat ProGear B20 

  • It employs the availability of Bluetooth version 4 for connectivity. Though it is not a leading version, it provides better connectivity.
  • In terms of the display, it is a standard fitness band display with dimensions of 2.5×1 cm. It has touch controls that function well.
  • With the help of a 90 mAh battery, it provides a battery life of about 7-10 days.
  • The Health monitoring system of this Watch comprises a heart rate tracker and sleep quality level tracker.
  • The smart activity tracker helps in providing an accurate report on your daily achievements.
  • There are 14 sports modes available to track your sports performance.
  • An IP68 rating protects from splashes and sweat. 
  • All message and call notifications will be displayed in a simplified view.

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