Black Friday: 386,243 Tonnes of Carbon Predicted to be Produced In 24 Hours

New research from consumer user group to predicts that online shopping on Friday could produce 386,243 tons of carbon – equivalent to 215,778 return flights between London and Sydney.

Group has launched this year’s Dirty Delivery Report which examines the environmental information of the UK’s top companies, the quantity of packages predicted to deliver, and the carbon produced for each shipment.

Experts predict that, with sales expected to drop by 10% compared to last year, Black Friday 2021 could have 386,243 tons of carbon dioxide – down 11% from last year’s average.

The slight annual decline shows that even though the ban is on the decline, consumers continue to use the internet more than ever before.

Black FridayDirty Deliveries – How do the UK carbon companies know?

The report analyzed eight supplier companies based on their perceived carbon offsets and identified which companies were most committed to being environmentalists.

Of the eight shipping companies included in the report, Royal Mail was found to be the largest emitter, earning 43.5 out of 60.

The Royal Mail has ‘footpaths’ operating at 90,000 post offices and recently brought 3,000 electric vehicles to its fleet, a significant increase from the 300 vehicles operating last year.

Natural marketing strategies for UK consumers

In making an online shopping decision, nearly a quarter of consumers (22.05%) now show how the offerings could be carbon positive – up 88.1% compared to last year’s survey results.

More than a third of consumers in the UK (34.25%) consider carbon offsets as an important factor in their purchasing decision, as important for them as free shipping.

About two-fifths (39.3%) revealed that they could make purchases through online marketing services that offer a way to bring back the environment.

People between the ages of 18-23 as well as those between the ages of 55+ are the largest consumers of nature, and the Gen Z team wants to pay more for air-conditioning that they buy online than at any other age, ranging from £ 8.84.

On the other hand, about two-fifths (38.38%) of UK buyers over the age of 55+ would agree to buy from online retailers if they offered a greener or more natural alternative than they did not.

Salman Haqqi, an economist at, said:

“With so many consumers in the UK considering how the environment affects their online shopping over the past year, it is clear that consumers are struggling with the problem of making their online shopping easier.

“Our research shows that more than a third of UK consumers are now considering reducing their carbon footprint as a prerequisite for them, such as free admission, through online shopping.

“And while we are still living in a society that tends to give almost immediately, statistics show that most of us are now beginning to think about how much our daily lives are impacting the environment.

“Interestingly, the members of the Gen Z team said they would be willing to pay around $ 8.84, which shows why this age group is one of the biggest performers of the season.

“Over the past 12 months, the importing companies surveyed in our study have undergone significant changes to take more care of the environment.

“UPS has also expanded its electric vehicles, with 10,000 electric vehicles to be operated in the UK, Europe and the US between 2020 and 2024.

“Demonstrating that consumer attitudes can change direction business work, especially as our research shows that 60.45% of UK consumers would not want to buy if an online retailer used a particular delivery company.

The full report is available here:

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