BIN attack fraud – what it is and why retailers should be wary

Retailers of online retailers are being asked to monitor affiliates who can use their online retailers to test for stolen numbers.

BIN Attack involves a fraudster taking the first six card numbers (Bank Identification Number (BIN) and then using software to manipulate the remaining numbers and test the system to see which card numbers are correct and whether the cards are working.

This usually happens by making small amounts of money through an online store. Fraudsters can record programs that run card numbers through a website, with several cards tested per second. The number of cards being tested can range from several times a day to thousands of cards in just a few hours.

Charlotte Steiner, of Westpac’s Merchant Risk & Compliance, says E-commerce is becoming one of the largest payrolls on the market today.

“Scammers are increasingly finding new ways to deal with cardless fraud such as BIN attacks, so it is important that you know how to protect your business.

This is how you can see Signs of BIN attack:

  • A few cheap dollars (this money may be unusual for your business type).
  • A little more.
  • The highest number of international card votes.
  • A large number of events are planned or tested in a short period of time. These actions tend to be within a few seconds.
  • Card numbers are used differently for security purposes (such as expiration date, security number of cards, and postal codes).
  • Sales time may be new to your business, for example. very early in the morning.

How BIN attacks can affect your business:

  • History: When your business is used on the BIN, your store information will be visible to the actual owners affected by the conspiracy, as well as the bank that offers it. If your business is associated with fraudulent activity, this could prevent customers from buying on your site.
  • They prospered: a cardholder bank can stop purchases from your store. This means that you can miss out on specific orders from other customers at the same bank.
  • Effective: you must repay the fraudulent transaction that was approved.
  • Complete suspension or closure about your business: Depending on the nature and history of the attack risk, your commercial bank may suspend or close your site.

Hypocrites do not hesitate to find out twice.

Steiner says the business recently encountered a BIN problem through their online shopping cart. Westpac requested that the site be suspended until the dealer took action to prevent it. One month later the merchant requested that they be relocated temporarily to accommodate the refunds returned from the previous BIN. The site was opened for just one day before the BIN was re-created. As a result, the site is permanently closed.

Protect your business:

  • Enable 3D security. This is an additional security feature for the credit card and credit card transactions.
  • Launch the CAPTCHA experiment to inform people and bots. It is easy for people to fix, but not bots and other malicious programs. See your provider at your gate how to unlock this.
  • Use the e-Commerce method on a PCI-compatible gateway and a a seller who has been approved by your commercial bank.
  • Start verifying security code. The transaction does not continue until the three-digit security code on the back of the card is entered into the transaction.
  • Use the existing e-commerce solution. This means that the payment page does not have a merchant and the payment page is sent to the gateway providers.
  • Talk to your gateway agent or commercial bank to avoid many fraudulent measures, and tips to protect your business.
  • Enjoy your details with your trading bank and portal provider.

What What should I do if BIN attacks?

If you suspect that you have been exposed to the BIN, contact your provider at your gateway and commercial bank immediately. They advise you on the following steps.

We also strongly recommend that you report the incident to the appropriate authorities. They will be able to provide advice and use the information to prevent future attacks.

– Write a police report.

– Report fraud and deception to Netsafe.

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