Biden administration stonewalls senator on FBI's 2016 probe of conservative group

Republican President Charles E. Grassley of Iowa has said that Biden government officials are refusing to answer questions about the 2016 FBI targeting Concerned Women for America, which has sparked political tensions between the two offices.

“The failure of the FBI to adequately respond to Congress’ questions about its secret investigation into Concerned Women for America is unacceptable, especially as the office has already acknowledged the existence of its response. [Freedom of Information Act] asking, ”Grassley told The Washington Times.

The FBI revealed last year that it confirmed in July 2016 that nothing could happen to a well-known life-support group after the experiment.

But the commission told Grassley last December that the commission did not need to comment on its concerns for Concerned Women for America and refused to answer a legislator’s query.

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“We know that the FBI misused its intelligence officers to monitor the intelligence of the CWA. Americans need to know how the FBI was prosecuted politically, and whether the CWA was also part of the FBI,” Grassley told The Times.

The FBI’s “sympathetic investigation” into the CWA on “corporate fraud / corporate fraud” did not provide an investigation revealed by the FBI in response to a FOIA request from the Cato Institute.

Such a review could lead to investigations, and may include unnecessary oversight of court decisions, use and recruitment of people, as well as a review of public information about what they want and what has been collected by federal, state, and local governments, depending on and Advice by the Attorney General for Domestic FBI Operations.

Mr. Grassley wrote to the FBI chief and attorney general of Merrick B. Garland in July 2021 asking for an explanation and a briefing on the group’s activities.

The FBI has refused to release his report or comments to Mr Grassley. FBI Chief Agent Jill C. Tyson responded in a December 2021 letter that although the agency’s review “does not require accurate forecasting, it requires a legitimate purpose.”

“In the case of your inquiries regarding other investigations, Department of Justice and FBI regulations prohibit the sharing of criminal information, evidence, or information obtained, including confirming or denying the existence of the investigation,” Tyson wrote in a letter to Mr. Grassley courtesy of The Washington Times. “As a result, the FBI could not comment on the Concerned Women of the group [sic] America. “

But the FBI has already confirmed the existence of their CWA surveillance in response to FOIA from Cato Institute senior counterpart Patrick Eddington, who revealed how the FBI monitors the CWA.

Mr Eddington continues to push for a federal government to find answers, and the Cato Institute sued the FBI and the Department of Justice last year for information on whether the FBI had gone too far in its investigation of the American people.

The Justice Department told Eddington that the FBI was right to keep secret the details of the CWA. The Information Office of the Department of Justice cited laws protecting “sources of intelligence and methods” as part of the law given to the FBI for the confidentiality of information about a group of caretakers, according to a November letter to Mr. Eddington.

Mr Eddington said the Department of Justice’s response was alarming, especially because it was seen as proof that the FBI uses databases and methods that track CWA.

“What they would like to ask for a national security law on intelligence, which should always be exported to organizations like Russia, such as China, such as North Korea, Iran, et cetera – is very confusing,” he said. Mr. Eddington said. “And, in my opinion, it is clear, it is not appropriate, and it is something that should be highlighted from a Congress survey.”

Concerned Women for America is talking to its lawyers about what to do, and the group plans to continue working with lawmakers to understand what happened.

The intelligence team is not the only one being monitored by the FBI through its surveillance. Mr Eddington had previously stated that the FBI had conducted hundreds of thousands of investigations, using data obtained in 2011 by the New York Times to show that the FBI had conducted more than 82,000 searches of suspected criminals and groups in the last two years.

Mr Eddington wrote last year that the Cato Institute had also collected evidence that the FBI had launched a Muslim Justice League investigation into Massachusetts, the head of the Women’s Voters League in New York, and the Colorado International Rescue Committee head.

The Ministry of Justice declined to comment. The FBI did not respond to a request for comment, and it did refer to The Washington Times in a statement released by FOIA.

The FBI told Grassley that his investigation would not be possible. Ms. Tyson referred to the FBI Domestic Investigations Operations Guide and said that the investigation could be used to investigate matters using “mitigation measures” rather than the full investigation.

“Important, according to a [guidelines]”The basis of the review may not be purely absurd or baseless assumptions, and the evaluation cannot be based solely on the protection of the First Amendment or the race, ethnicity, ethnicity, or religion of the title,” he wrote.

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