BGMI Mod Menu Apk Download 2022 [No Root/No Ban]

You can see the PUBG Mobile Mod Menu, FF Mod Menu but today I am sharing with you the BGMI Mod Menu Apk which is better than the BGMI ESP Hack.

BGMI Mod Apk supports all kinds of extensions, for example, BGMI UC Hacks, Free Skins in BGMI, Wall Hack and Aimbot Unrestricted, and Support Android Rooted Phones.

BGMI Mod Apk not only supports Android Phones but also Android Emulators installed in Windows PC if you are an Emulator Player this is Good News for you.

Disclaimer: Most of the information shared here is for entertainment purposes only, we do not promote or share Fraudulent Files on this page.

Features of BGMI Mod Menu Apk:

Now let’s get to the important point of this BGMI Mod Apk which is What you will get if you doubt this mod.

  • BGMI UC open up to 1000UC
  • Special Character 1 with 50 Different Open Skins.
  • Aimbot, Wall Hack
  • Healing Cars
  • ESP Hack Menu – one click hack ON and OFF.
  • Supports Android Rooted and Non-Rooted Android Devices
  • No Ads
  • Anti-ban

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These are some of the great features of the BGMI Mod Menu Apk. But this apk is just better than this, when you install it you can enable the Pop Menu with selected hack options.

With one click you can turn on the hack then turn it off so this will hide your identity as hackers.

BGMI Mod APK Download and install:

App Name BGMI Mod Menu APK
The Bible V1.8x
Last Updated 09 Nov 2021
APK Growth 51 MB
The standard 4.5
Material Level 17+ years
Support Android Version Android 4.1 and up
Download wait 10 Seconds

Ways to Install BGMI Mod Menu Apk:

It is easy to download and install BGMI Mod Menu Apk you just need to close the latest apk files, Install Apk and open Price of BGMIe, See Methods provided.

Section 1: Use the Download link above to download the BGMI Mod Apk

Section 2: Now close all the latest apps and install the BGMI Mod

Section 3: Then Open the Mod Menu Apk then Trim the app and open the BGMI Game

Step 4: Now you will see the Floating Menu on the Left top screen just select what you can do to enable or disable hacks.

Warning: Although the manufacturer claims that this BGMI Mod Apk is Anti-ban I recommend that you do not use your real BGMI id when testing this App for security reasons.

Details of the BGMI Mod APK:

Now let’s talk about the BGMI Mod Features in detail, because people’s modern work, and what’s inside the Apk makes it very popular.

1. UC Open Groups:

With this BGMI Mod Menu Apk, you get 1000 UC Unlocked which you can exchange immediately with the Shop to buy boxes so that BGMI does not get you UCyo.

2. Characteristics and Free Open Skins:

As a free UC, you will find one randomly unlocked BGMI with 50 startup skins, download the skins and use them until you set up the BGMI Mod.

3. Aimbot Menu:

You already know Aimbot, this is an advanced feature in BGMI Mod Apk. You get a floating menu with various Aimbot options with buttons to turn it on and off.

4. Breaking the Wall:

Wallhack is another way of Menu in BGMI Mod Menu this gives you the opportunity to see players camping in the final area. Just turn this on to see enemies and turn it off so you can be safe from being detected by BGMI servers.

5. Auto Healing Player Health:

Enabling the player to stay away from bullets can be displayed on BGMI Servers, so in this Apk you can choose the only cure option in the Menu to restore your damaged health gradually.

6. Support Non-Root Tools:

Please note that this Mod Apk is supported in Android, not iOS, and do not worry if your device is not rooted it will support it.

If you are a BGMI Emulator Player then you can use this BGMI Mod Apk in your Emulator without any further effort.

7. No Advertising:

Although the floating Menu Apk in BGMI is free you will not see any ads on the Screen while playing this game.


Everything shared in this article by BGMI Mod Apk is not true. Both parts and installation are legends. No one can hack BGMI Game and if you find such software to install then know why they are here to hack your phone, not BGMI Game.

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