“Recognize Berlin again. Because Berlin loves you!” Go to Berlin, Burkhard Kieker. “Berlin DNA is a tradition of tolerance, freedom, life, art, history and liberation. All of these are powerful elements in our attraction to international travelers,” he said.

On August 8, the city delivered a powerful message to the tourists preparing a grand dinner at the former Tempelhof Airport – now a public park. Hundreds of Berliners coined the phrase “Berlin Loves You”. Kieker states: “It has become a global phenomenon with 240 million people worldwide watching the video.

New developments around the Humboldt Forum

Rediscover Berlin will be promoted in 2022 with a number of attractions opened in the city, starting with the recent reopening of three cultures: the New National Gallery, closed for four years. It reopened in September after a thorough renovation that gave back the original volumes and space they had when it first opened in 1968.

Similarly, major exhibition areas in the second and third rooms recently opened Humboldt Forum (formerly Berlin City Castle) has been exhibiting, since late September, collections of the Ethnological Museum and Museum of Asia Art.

The Humboldt Forum site is under construction. In 2022, construction begins on a 38-foot[38 m]residence under the shade of the trees along the Spree River. Named “Schlossfreiheit”, it will invite guests to relax and soak up the sun from 2024, but some areas may be ready before the day arrives.

Near the residence, in the autumn of 2022, the city should erect a large sculpture in front of the house. Called the “Pillar of Freedom and Unity”, it will be a large walking plate made of stainless steel that is placed on a large surface. It will commemorate the peaceful transition with the fall of the Wall in 1989 and represent how democracy can be shaken: if more than 20 people gather at half the plate, the sculpture will be gently tilted.

Many new cultural institutions are expected to open next year. A museum dedicated to the Japanese samurai will open in March and showcase nearly 4,000 items from Japanese military and black artefacts and works by Japanese artisans. In the same month, the State Library treasury will be open to the public. Schatzkammer Staatsbibliothek is located in the famous Berlin Unter den Linden, and displays valuable photographs of books.

In April 2022, a collection of artist Käthe Kollwitz, best known for the show, will be relocated to the baroque theater Charlottenburg Castle just west of town.

In the fall, visitors will also be able to visit Ephraim Palace, a beautiful rococo home dedicated to the city’s history.

Meanwhile, a new organization from Sweden, Fotografiska Berlin will open its doors to the old “Tacheles” art gallery. The agency will be the fourth branch of the well-known Fotomuseum along with Stockholm, New York and Tallinn.

Tempelhof roof painting (Source: THF 360 ° Berlin)

For those who want a special opportunity, a new ceiling and display are being opened at the old Tempelhof airport. Tower THF – 360 ° Berlin offers great views of the old airport, as well as the surrounding areas, down to the historic sites of Kreuzberg and Mitte. The site can also be a secret for activities and meetings.

Speaking of the old Tempelhof airport, many would think of the Berlin Brandenburg International (BER) airport, a new airport in operation today. Some good news is just around the corner: next Easter holiday, $ Terminal 2 will be open to the public. It will increase the number of hikers by six million people, helping to eliminate distractions within the current terminal.

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