Backdoor for Windows, macOS, and Linux went undetected until now

Investigators have found an unprecedented back door written from scratch on Windows, macOS, or Linux machines that has not been identified by all malware engines.

Researchers from security company Intezer he said found SysJoker – the name he gave back – on the Webserver from Linux of the “advanced learning team.” When the diggers dug, they also found SysJoker versions for Windows and macOS. They suspect that a malicious malware program was released in the second half of last year.

Availability is important for a number of reasons. First, malware is a rare commodity, while many malicious programs are targeted at specific programs. The back door was redesigned from scratch and used four different control-and-control servers, indicating that the people who created and used them were among the high-risk threats that cost the most money. It is rare for an undetectable Linux malware to be detected in a real attack.

Windows-type analysis (by Intezer scribe) and Macs type (researcher Patrick Wardle) found that SysJoker offers high-quality back-up technology. The files used for both Windows and macOS versions were .ts. Intezer said this could be an indication that the file was changed to a write the script app spread after sneak in npm JavaScript repository. Intezer went on to say that SysJoker disguises itself as a machine switch.

Wardle, meanwhile, said the extension to .ts could indicate that the file was modified as streaming videos content. He also found that the macOS file was digitally signed, even though ad-hoc signature.

SysJoker is listed in C ++, and as of Tuesday, the Linux and macOS versions have not been fully identified on the VirusTotal malware search engine. The backdoor creates its own domain-server by recording the strings taken from files on Google Drive. During the time the researchers were analyzing, the server switched on three times, indicating that the attacker was active and monitoring the virus-infected machines.

In light of the agencies being monitored and the systems of the malware, Intezer’s analysis is that SysJoker pursues certain goals, possibly with the aim of “spying along with side-by-side operations that could re-launch ransomware attacks as the next step.”

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