Australia mulls putting cats on lockdown

Local authorities in Down Under want to isolate the cats – not because of some new strain of the virus, but because of their hunting skills.

24/7 catastrophic cats worldwide are close to Australia, officials believe, as statistics show that billions of unique species are caught by poachers each year.

“Recent statistics show that every year they do [pet cats] more than 180 wildlife; is but one cat, ” Dean Huxley, director of operations at the Perth Wildlife Hospital, he tells ABC.

The total number of cats kills one cat exceeds 740 per year, according to the 2019 Australian Cat: Companion and Killer book, which includes hundreds of studies on the subject.

This means that about three million mammals, 2 million reptiles, and one million reptiles die with cats every day in Australia. And, according to Huxley, the risk of death will only increase if something does not happen.

“Cats are evolving and learning about a variety of wildlife and are now finding success in hunting these animals,” he said. he pointed. “And when we clear the habitat, which we do more often, these animals have fewer hiding places.”

In an effort to save endangered wildlife, Australian authorities are already cracking down on poachers.

Cat owners in Greater Bendigo, Victoria have been ordered to keep their pets in place or to pay a fine, while Adelaide Hills in South Australia imposed a curfew from 8pm to 7am.

The capital, Canberra, is planning to stop all its cats from mid-2022, and the city of Fremantle in Western Australia (WA) is also planning to land.

The birds are currently banned in the wilds of Fremantle, but Councilor Adin Lang wants to evacuate all parts of the city, including roads, beaches, and subways. This will make them homeless.

His ideas still need to be approved by the WA parliament, but their removal could lead to similar processes across the state and elsewhere in Australia, Lang stressed.

“I think the dogs, the cats will soon be inside, and our future generations will look back and say: ‘You guys are letting the cats roam Australia, eating all the wildlife all these years?'” he said.

But cats, owners can build a “catio” – a special outer wall – to maintain fresh air, added Lang.

Cats respond well when captured, Huxley agreed, but added that reassuring owners to keep their pets indoors would not be so cruel.

Pamela Lanigan, a spokeswoman for Cats United WA, which represents pastoralists and owners, said they were part of a ban. However, he also said that most of the injuries were not caused by the cat cats, but by several million of their foreign friends.

To reduce their numbers, trap-neuter-release programs could be introduced, paid for with registration fees paid by cat owners, Lanigan said.

“What can happen is to be locked up, removed, released and released to the same place so that they can no longer breed, but will prevent other cats from coming to that place. What has happened most in America,” he said. He explained.

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