August Review: XR’s Boobfest, Taliban and Gove Party

August Comment: XR’s Boobfest, Taliban and Gove Party

Recess has been very similar to the annual recurrence of Extinction Rebellion. Despite the constant nausea, this year’s eco-commie turmoil was unbearable thanks to the rise of freedom fighter Laura Amherst herself. well pushed two major issues on Guido’s list. Revealing the realities of climate change…

While Laura did well on her rise to prominence compared to the Taliban, who were able to quickly capture Afghanistan Biden after withdrawing US troops; pulling the rag under the feet of the previous government and leaving the UK insisting that our boys and other citizens get out. Oh, and those animals Pen Farthing

Although Guido did not get involved in foreign affairs, he did making movies the Taliban’s reclaiming the gym and the funniest place – with the right support system – became known. Apparently the only person who did not give up on the Middle East news was the Canadian justice minister, whom Guido found on camera. call a Taliban “our brothers ”. He later lost his seat in the country’s general elections later this year…

Oh, and how did the remnant react to the invasion of Afghanistan? Author call west to pay Taliban ongola interest…

In the light of the issue, the independence day and the possibility of politicos a full recovery from the threat created an age-old issue of alcohol in August. Guido loved it without a doubt Manchester Met Tory SocietyThe summer party, when, wearing a black tie, the parties called Farage and ended up with another member going to the hospital. Their young Tory antics were covered by Michael Gove who was filmed playing in Scotland. Guido revealed his daughter Beatrice was not impressed with his dancing. When Gove killed the dance floor his government officials were busy trying to kill something: Geronimo and Alpaca


Monthly title: Harwood Promises Killing Geronimo

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