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“I could not continue studying music without it Images of ArtHouse, “says Caitlin. Caitlin is currently studying his piano exam in the 10th Grade of the Royal Conservatory of Music piano after impressive 90th place in his Grade 9 exams.

My mother is disabled and unable to work and is raising children alone; we could not afford it. Dinani Pano for Caitlyn’s story in her own words.

It is not hard to imagine how, with such a history, hope and self-confidence to create a better life and help people would flee to Caitlyn. But we need not worry about what might have happened, thank you Images of ArtHouse, a United Way an organization that believes that skills are an integral part of our lives and should be part of every child’s education.

“Art and music can take a child and show him the way to the end,” says Don Pangman, Executive Director of Images of ArtHouse. “A child who has experienced poverty, trauma, drug abuse or violence can be sent to a beautiful, knowledgeable and hopeful world.”

Don introduced Images of ArtHouse after the operation of Bay St United Way campaign minister, starting as the chair of the leadership and eventually running the entire campaign as the Chair. Then he served on United Way board. “Looking at all the other wonderful organizations we helped, I saw a big difference that needed to be closed, and that if I could help, it could have a detrimental effect on the work of any other child support organization.

The ArtHouse vision is supported by complex academic research. “The benefits outlined in the arts also include developing intellectual property, enhancing learning, improving mathematics and language, improving brain function in the brain, student skills, lower school dropouts, and improving social skills.” (Art Education for the Development of the Whole Child, Dr. Rena Upitis, Professor of Arts Education, Queen’s University). Don says he was very inspired by the work of ArtHouse and the work of Sir Kenneth Robinson, who talks about Art Paradigm such as the evolutionary process that is necessary for our innate education to adapt to the modern world.

Images of ArtHouse It is the only group of its kind in Halton, which offers Art programs to children between the ages of 7-17 who have not been able to access other external events due to social and economic factors or who have experienced other hazards. The Access Center for Kids (ROCK), another United Way organization, is one way to send people, but high schools come back Images of ArtHouse in developing art programs where children may not be able to access the full-time art education program.

“We look for what can help each child. It can be a musical, good, cooking, or articulating event of national and environmental concern through pictures, such as placing a boat boat outside Oakville Town Hall, which was. Images of ArtHouse. ”

Images of ArtHouse supports Gary Allan program in collaboration with HDSB and Kerr Street Mission. With the help of ArtHouse, one young man learned an illustration: the result was an excellent English-speaking career and a school-going motivation.

“Teaching children programs based on art, because of their positive qualities, is a clear expression of love and tells the child that we really care,” says Don. “It’s a way to help children avoid falling into the trap, to help them develop a sense of self-worth and to become independent, responsible citizens.”

Studies in Europe have shown that exposure to artistic education by artists reduces the need for self-reliance through violence or gang membership. Similar incidents have yielded results in Toronto. “Cost of real positive results for children 50? About $ 40,000. If the program prevented even one of those young people – many of whom are out of school – from joining the gang, it saved taxpayers half the $ 80,000 one a year, “wrote Lola Rasminsky, Executive Director of Arts for Children in Toronto, inThe best way to reach 14 – year – old children – Toronto Star – October 8-2008.

“The products that the technology promotes provide the capacity they need to create a sustainable and self-reliant approach,” Don emphasizes.

Like other organizations, Images of ArtHouse they needed to find ways to go through the epidemic to keep in touch with children who were on their way to a healthier life and support but could fall on their backs without them. “United Way it happened when we were fighting COVID-19, “says Don.

Most of us have organizations that we support for our own reasons. However, there are a number of important things in our community. The United Way they try to identify these needs and find and support key organizations that have the best solutions to their problems. United Way funding means that these organizations can use their vast resources to help Oakville residents and less people to seek funding. As donors, we may not know the best way to distribute our donations around, but donations of all kinds from the general population of Oakville can be transformed into excellent ones through United Way. And who knows when we, or someone close to us, will need help from one of these services. Ours contributions to the United Way make sure they are all there for us when the day comes.

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