Apple AirPods Max Review

Highly anticipated Apple AirPods Max hit the markets at the end of December last year and we did not wait to try. They are the first wireless headphones available from Apple and are probably the most expensive in the AirPods line. Headphones can compete with headphones like Sony and Bose. Now let’s try these cans and see how it goes with all the hype.

Design, character building and comfort

Its design is minimal and fits in with Apple’s full range of products. It’s as simple, beautiful, and functional as most Apple products. The quality of the construction is outstanding, and we can easily identify in detail what has created these headphones. It consists of anodized Aluminum ears and a stainless steel fabric wrapped in soft materials to hold. Earplugs are twisted and have a long telescopic arm to match a variety of head sizes.

They have a four-dimensional shape and have round foam cups that provide perfect regular consistency. Earplugs have a custom-made mesh that is soft and the earcups are flexible. They are also more comfortable when we try them for a longer period of listening. Although, the cans felt a little heavy at 385 grams but were evenly distributed. The mesh cover of the fabric on the head helped to distribute its weight evenly and helped to reduce the stress on the head.

Performance and Sound

The sound quality of these headphones is very high and one of the best wireless taps. While this may not be for Audiophiles or professionals, the AirPods Max offers a unique sound. What impressed us most was the sound and the volume of the entire volume. EQ is not flat but provides clear rides on Treble, Mid and Bass tracks.

The earbuds come with Apple-powered 40mm drivers with Neodymium ring motors that reduce distortion by less than 1%. AirPods Max is good for listening to any genre and we were happy to test the heavy metals with Deep House. It depends on its value depending on the type of wording and functionality. Like AirPods and AirPods Pro, AirPods Max comes with an Apple H1 device on each ear. The Apple H1 chip has 10 cores and is capable of operating up to 9 billion per second and improving Audio Performance.

Spatial Audio, Noise Disruption and more

The AirPods Max as its lead supports Spatial Audio and it was impressive when tested with video. The gyroscopes made with accelerometers sound flow and completely change the Spatial Audio components and provide very deep sound. We found that Spatial Audio is a great addition to any event especially when watching videos because it supports the integration of many words with the content in Dolby Atmos. The noise control feature is high-notch again due to the H1 chip with clear ears. When we tested them at a noisy cafe, AirPods Max managed to produce a lot of external sound. Headphones also come with a clear interface that allows the sound to rotate.

Review of Apple AirPods MaxReview of Apple AirPods Max

Both noise and viscosity have only one level. This is a small amount of control compared to the headphones in the same category. The AirPods Max also has a number of sensors on each head such as a monitor, location sensor, sensor detect sensor and accelerometer. There is also a gyroscope to the left ear besides some sensors. The Gyroscope controls Spatial Audio.

Headphones also have 2 tactile controls, a push button and a digital crown. The push-button switch between noise and viscosity modes. The digital crown has several functions such as volume adjustment, Siri drawing, playback, pause and jump music. We found several times that the digital crown was accidentally pressed while changing headsets. The AirPods Max, like all Apple products, instantly connects to other iOS devices and can stream headphones.

Battery life and connectivity

The 20-hour battery life as advertised works in line with what has been said. We found that when testing AirPods Max the battery lasted about 20 hours. After several headphones and Smart Case we found that the power outage was minimal. The AirPods Max also comes with a Bluetooth 5 connection and the connection was stable. The integration is straightforward and easy with a lot of tools but works seamlessly with other Apple features.


Our AirPods Max solution remains uncluttered for a number of reasons. First, you need to be flexible apple user enjoy functionality. Spatial Audio and Automatic switching functions work on iOS devices only. Audio Resolution High-Resolution support is for Apple Digital Master’s only and can be confusing to others. The Smart Case does little to protect the headphones and at these prices, it can be customized. All told and done, Airpods Max are excellent headphones if you want to spend a few extra dollars and you are a loyal Apple user. They have a seamless connection to Apple’s environment and can be a great addition to Apple’s loyal users.

AirPods Max

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