Analysis: Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson at odds again on a happy new year

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Prime Minister Boris Johnson have held separate bans on the ban

Provided with notices from SAGE, even local ones, the First Ministry has reversed the ban imposed until January 17th.

Public events have been limited to 100 people at internal meetings, more than 200 indoors, and more than 500 people at outdoor events.

Enter to our political story

Enter to our political story

The Prime Minister has so far not done anything, instead promising to review the hour and hour.

This is not to say that this is a bad decision, but one of the leaders will have difficult questions to answer depending on what will happen next.

I now work and live in London, so on a personal level I am very happy with the lack of restrictions.

I’m not a clubber, but I’m looking forward to getting out tonight.

I will be asking for pop music, dressing up, and keeping my friends close, who will all have already passed the LFT exam.

Some in England may not be very careful, or not at all, but these parties still have to go beyond what is happening in Scotland.

The Prime Minister is relying on immunizations that have been offered to address cases, and recognizing that his administration has already reduced some restrictions increases his chances of seeking a new job.

His former followers were protesting against the social norms of the day as the epidemic escalated, their patience and support for his approach would not reach in 2022.

When cases go up, we will look back and wonder not only about personal responsibility, but how Mr Johnson would have seen what he saw and decided not to take action.

But if they do not, things will get worse Nicola Sturgeon, a leader who grew up during the epidemic.

There are flaws in the warning side, but no escalation in England would lead the First Minister to explain why he banned the incident.

This is a political decision, and the story of the four-state solution is being broken even though one year has been repeated by UK government ministers.

Whatever happens, one leader must explain himself.

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