Among Us Mod Menu Apk Download v2021.11.9.2 (Anti-Ban/All Unlocked)

Among us there is a real Imposter game for those who can be safe even when offended. And Between Us Mod Menu Apk enables you to open all the barriers and allow you to win any game.

Please note: This mod I am talking about is only useful for Between Us Android Games. If you are a PC Player among us then you can try it Gameloop Emulator on PC to Play this Mod Apk on PC.

You can also use this Our Mod Mod App App making fun of your friends or making fun of them in a game.

Apk has over 20 features and is the ultimate hack for Us Android Game.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend or share any form of Mod Apk or Game Hack on this site. This article was created simply for the purpose of providing information to our guests.

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For Visitors: If you are reading and following the guide provided in this article and are experiencing some type of loss that we are not responsible for the loss, please do so at your own risk.

How Does This Between Mod Mod Apk Work?

Basic gameplay concept Between us games and; there are two teams of normal and deceptive players.

Both groups are in the air, the deceiver knows everything and is able to perform higher-level tasks than the average person.

The Basic Gameplay it involves finding an imposter in the air and throwing them out. And Imposter has tried to kill colleagues and remain anonymous while doing so.

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What Happens When Using Us Mod Menu?

Once you install this apk and turn on any Mod from the menu you can do anything on the game, you can change your look on the game.

You can watch the video game given below to get a better idea of ​​how this happens Between Us Mod Menu Apk helps you when you play.

There are many things that can help you identify the cheater when playing as a team or being safe when playing as an Imposter.

App Name Between our Mod Menu
App Type v2021.11.9.2
Last Updated 09 Nov 2021
APK Growth 91 MB
The standard 4.0
All Downloads 50k pa
Help Android 6.0 to 11
Download Wait 10 seconds
Between Mod Mod Apk Menu ListBetween Mod Mod Apk Menu List

How To Install And Play Between Us Mod Menu Apk?

Now is the time to share some tips on how to download and use these Between Us Mod Menu Apk on your Android phone. If you are looking at its Appearance see below the manual.

Section 1: First uninstall the first game among the Us Us game if you have downloaded it.

Section 2: Now download our Mod Mod Ap Apk on your Phone Click here.

Section 3: Now Remove the Download File and install the Game Mod Apk.

Step 4: Once Install clear all the latest apps and restart your phone.

Once your phone restarts you can open the Mod Games and launch the Mods just as you are playing Between Us on your Phone.

What Us Us MOD Menu App Feature:

  1. Play Menu: Once you have installed the Mod game you will see the Menu Options shown below, you can use the buttons displayed after the menu to Disable and Stop Mod.
    • Show Crew / Impostor.
    • Entrance Meeting.
    • Spam Report (Start the First Meeting).
    • Unlimited Emergency Meetings.
    • No Meeting Revival.
    • No Home Download.
    • Can Move in Vent.
    • No Home Download [Imposter].
    • Light of Sabotage.
    • Repair Defects.
    • Teleport Outside.
    • Teleport inside.
    • Speed ​​- (0 to 30): Increase Player Run this will help you to be safe in Imposter and if you are a Cheater then you can kill and run faster.
    • Flashlight – (0 to 10): Flashlight allows you to grab more space while playing
    • Fake Imposter: The Menu option also has a Fake Imposter with these colors. Non, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Orange, yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, Lime Gren.
      • View Ghosts + Chat:
        • Disadvantages: None, Comms, O2, Reactor.
        • Close the Doors: One button to close and unlock the doors for your safety, None, All Doors, Storage, Restaurant, Reactor, Top Engine, Nav, Admin, and many more…
  2. Menu Menu:
    • Trick 1: Non, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Orange, yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, Lime Gren.
    • Cheat 2: Non, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Orange, yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, Lime Gren.
    • Instructor 3: Non, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Orange, yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, Lime Gren.
    • Completion of Vote: If you think you have been caught as a fraud you can end voting as soon as it starts and you can be safe.
    • Anti Vote Opened.
    • End of Game [Impostors Win].
    • End of Game [Crew Win].
    • Instant Win [Enable Before Start].
    • One Reverse Vote.
    • Anti vote.
    • Roll Roll: Non, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Pink, Orange, yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, Lime Gren.
      • Complete Other Tasks: Even if you are an Advocate you can still do this work by starting this
      • Complete All Tasks: No cheater can complete any task, but once you can light this process you can complete all the tasks
      • Fixed Types: You can change your game type when you play.
  3. Host Name Editor Nemu:
    • Check out the Recent News.
    • Use Words: Regular, Personal Terms (Recent Chat).
    • Everyone’s Name: Fixed, Error 404, Name upgraded, Deceit, Red and Deceit, Hidden, www.YouTube/c/AxeyPMT,
    • Words: None, Launch RGB Slider, RGB Videos.
    • Red – (0 to 255).
    • Green – (0 to 255).
    • Blue – (0 to 255).
  4. Host Troll Menu:
    • Launch Troll Menu.
    • No Killing CD.
    • He turns off Everyone.
    • Forcing Start.
    • Winter.
    • Everyone’s Speed ​​- (0 to 50).
    • Discussion Time – (0 to 500).
    • Accident CD – (0 to 500).
    • Number of Hypocrites – (0 to 5).
    • Emergency Meetings (Become a PreGame) – (0 to 50).
    • Crew Light: Normal, No Light, Max Light.
    • Map (Khalani PreGame): None, The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus, Airship.
  5. Account Menu: Using this Mod menu Game you can release all the Skins, Pets and Hats you can use when the game is ON.
  6. Fun Menu: You can change a person’s appearance randomly and no one can find you.
    • Unchanged Hats.
    • Casual skins.
    • Unchanged Pets.
      • Strengthen Vote [Virtual to Everyone]
        • Light Formulation.
        • Drunk Mode.
        • Shake Screen (0 to 10).
        • Select Player: None, All, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, and many more…
        • Player Growth (0 to 20)
  7. Variety Menu:
    • No Ads: You will not see any Advertising even if you play online on this Mod Menu.
    • No, Stop Punishment.
    • Add Report [Buggy].
    • Confirm Removed.
    • Killing Long Distance,
    • Player 2/3 = Deceiver.
    • Establish Random Uses.
    • Preferences Name (Recent Message).
    • Show Imp Position (0 to 100).
  8. Mods Available Menu:
    • No Cooldown Kill.
    • Encourage All to Enter Vent.
    • Encourage All Outputs.
    • Spam Terms: Non, Axys YouTube, Hacking, Ghost (s) Who Killed You ?, Stop Spamming, and much more...

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