Amita Kuttner is the first trans person to lead a Canadian political party. Can they save the Greens?

OTTAWA — He did not really want the job. However they asked. And now, Amita Kuttner is the permanent leader of the troubled and divided Green Party of Canada.

Astronomer from British Columbia, Kuttner is the first leader of the world’s largest federation, trans. He is also the first Asian leader in federal politics.

Just two weeks ago, Kuttner sells the Stars the role of a permanent leader is a “dangerous job.” But on Wednesday night, he was selected from a group of people who asked to take over the federal party that is broken due to the chaos of the months and allegations of racism and maladministration that led to Annamie Paul, the Toronto attorney, who led the party, step down for a year.

The star spoke to Kuttner on the phone Thursday about their historic election – and how they think the Greens could recover.

Stars: You’ve already done it he expressed his concerns about transphobia and other party discrimination. You told me the other day that you were not sure you wanted this job. Now that you are a permanent leader, how do you feel?

Kuttner: It has been very difficult because I think I have broken a lot of the roof. I always didn’t feel comfortable looking at what I knew, but it happened. That’s a lot of emotion.

In the case of my history with the party … it is real – transphobia is real, racism is real, racism is obvious. But not many of the party… So what I experienced was the hatred I received — I did not feel that people wanted to hurt me, but they were coming from a place of ignorance and understanding. … I think what we can and should achieve together is more important than any disagreement.

As you say, you are breaking the roof. What does this mean for you?

With the respect I believe I am ready to carry … Standing is very important. It also opens up many conversations (of) you know. Someone had already asked me on the radio: “Well, how were you born?”

I hope we can look at my experiences and what having this idea means is changing political dialogue.

There are differences between what happened last year, criticizing Paul for his leadership or saying there was discrimination within the party. What lessons have you learned from this new role since the difficult times of the party?

As is often the case in human conflicts, everyone’s opinion is true to himself. Their ideas are very real. The truth lies somewhere in the nebula between ideas of reality. And I do not know if we will ever find it, or if we should or if it is necessary to bring a sense of wisdom and justice and security again.

My understanding of last year’s struggle, comes from this strong vision that is at the heart of the leader as opposed to the strong vision that has spread to all areas …

What I think is important is that everyone agrees with what the plan is, and is clearly stated, which it was not. And I think that’s the root of all the controversy.

It is best to work in a group. But to have a team that you can work with, you have to have initial confidence, and it never happened.

What are the things you need to prioritize for the party to come back?

Competing for leadership competition is well managed, eliminating the difficulties we encountered last time, and make it as similar as I can. … Other than that, raising money is immediate. And the connection with healing is there.

Personally, I also want to support caucuses. Party for me, who we are, is what we do in this House. That’s what we carry and we can promise people if we give them a Green MP.

What do you think the party needs to do to become the next leader who will be the elected leader?

I think someone who is very good at speaking, both internally and externally, will be important.

What makes the Green Party special in the end is not that we have climate policies, it is because we have a different way of governing and politics … the policy we are talking about, we are solving the climate problem.


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