According to a report by Daily Mail, from the Pew Research Center research, The United States has seen a dramatic decline in the number of children born since 1973. About 50 percent of American adults say they do not want children. Why do you ask? Well, according to both research and popular opinion, these older ones say that the future looks grim.

In a study of nearly 4,000 adults, 44 percent of the population aged 18-49 stated that they did not want to have children. This is the seventh increase from the 2018 survey. Originally it was a natural development to grow and live with your children, but now things are definitely changing. And there are many reasons why foster parents are giving up altogether.

Here are some of the reasons the study was filmed:

  • More than 50 percent of the participants also said they “do not want to have children” as their idea of ​​not starting a family.
  • 19 percent of the participants said that medical reasons prevent them from doing so.
  • 17 percent of respondents said that financial reasons prevent them from becoming parents.
  • 15 percent of participants said they currently do not have a partner.
  • 10 percent of participants said their age was restrictive.
  • Nine percent of the participants said that current world conditions are a major factor in child rearing.
  • 5% of participants also said that climate change / environmental problems are what prevent them from having a family.
  • Two percent said that their partner does not want children.

In addition, the study dispelled the notion that all women really want to have children. The study found that all women and men responded equally by saying that they were not prepared to become parents. In addition, the study found that 85 percent of people over the age of 40, who were not parents, were more likely to be childless compared to 37 percent of those who were younger.

91 percent of parents over the age of 40, who had one child, said they would not skip living with another person compared to 60 percent of people under the age of 40.

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